Curious Home Remedies for Common Ailments Found In 350 Year Old Book

The ailments mentioned in this book are weird and people may think twice before trying these curious home remedies .The strange thing about these remedies are that the ingredients are odd and people may find it hard to consume it. Let us take a look at the some of the remedies mentioned in this book.

Child suffering from cold

Common Cold: Taking young swallows, burn them in their feathers, altogether in a new earthenware pot, covered very close, add thereto as much castor and beat them well together and put in to a glass vessel and let it stand three days after which distill it in a glass for patient to take.


Earache: Take a loaf made with one part of caraway seeds, and cut it through the middle and applies it to the ears.

Toothache Home Remedies

Toothache: Take the juice of water cresses and white wine in equal measure, mix them together and rub the teeth and gums therewith.


To whiten teeth: The ashes of tobacco are of excellent use to cleanse the teeth and to make them white.


Headache: Abstain from taking milk which is cool in operation and drink thin wine or such liquors.

William Sermon who is the author of this book first gained medical experience in the Army and went on to become a physician for King Charles II. He died at the age of 50 and died six years after his book was published. At the end of the book there were some letters to Dr. Sermon and he was addressed as noble and honor doctor. He must have been a noble doctor because he was the physician for Charles II. This book clearly reveals about the medical advice and remedies in 17th century.

This medical journal was a hidden treasure until it was found in a box in Derbyshire. Even though the book was 350 years old, it is still in its original leather binding and is extremely well preserved.


“A Friend To The Sick -The Englishman’s Preservation,” is a folksy and homespun book full of ancient remedies that may or may not work. This book is written by Royal Physician William Sermon. The 350 year old tome recommends eating burnt birds and drinking hard liquor to cure fellow Britons feeling out-of-sorts. If it works then it will be a great thing for people who are already are having tough time with economy.

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