Five home remedies for calluses and corns

Corns and calluses can be defined as tough patches of skin that in effect protect the sensitive foot tissue from pressure and friction. Although they are protective agent, still when you put pressure against a corn, then it can cause shooting pain as it touches the sensitive tissue. Here are five ways in which you can cure corns and calluses at home:


Keep discovering- Corns and calluses just do not happen. So you can try rubbing the sole of your foot to try discover areas that cause pain with extra pressure and friction and then take preventive measures.


Toenail trimming- The main function of toenails is to protect your toes from injury. At times, the toenail becomes large and the shoe exerts a pressure on it which forces the joint of the toe to press against the toe and lead to the formation of a corn. To avoid this, regularly trim and then smoothen the edges of your toenails.


Soak your sore foot- Another good idea to reduce the shooting pain of the corn would be to soak the foot in a solution of warm water and Epson salts. After that, massage your foot with a moisturiser, put it inside a plastic bag, and wrap it up. Keep the bag on for a few hours and then rub the corn with a pumice stone.


Never cut a corn or callus- There are various cutting devices that can be bought at the local drugstore for getting rid of corns by cutting them. However, do not fall in the trap as it leads to heavy bleeding and risk of infection.


Use shoe padding- Another temporary way to get relief would be to include padding inside the shoe for transferring the pressure on the foot. You can also by non-medicated corn pads. This would place your foot in a comfortable position and you would be able to avoid the pain.


A human foot is a great engineering marvel and can easily overcome multiple wear and tears. As per the American Podiatric Medical Association, 115,000 miles is how much an average American walks in a lifetime, and this is enough to take you around the world four times However, there are many things that can go wrong with your feet, despite how well-designed they are and the most common issues that one faces are corns and calluses.

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