Home Remedies for Running Nose

A runny nose is quite difficult to handle. It spoils your day and makes you extremely irritable all the time. It is best to handle a runny nose with a lot of care and concern. For, unless it is a common cold, it can be something quite problematic such as a TB or any other dangerous disease. However, if it lasts for more than a day then, it could mean something more than a common cold. Yet, otherwise, you can use homemade remedies to cure yourself of a running nose. Here are a few of them that will help you out.

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The best cure to your running nose is acupressure. Acupressure can help you cure your running nose if you hit the right kind of pressure points. You will be able to cure yourself of the running nose very easily.

It can be done either taking help of someone who is adept in the procedure of acupressure or with the help of those who are experts in it or you can use a book that details how to do acupressure. However, it is very important that you hit the right kind of pressure points. Acupressure can help anyone with any kind of disease very easily.

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Block your Nose

Use a kerchief, tissue paper or cotton to block your nose for a while. Of course, you don’t have to block it completely but partially so that you can breathe at the same time.

Blocking your nose for a while may cure your runny nose sooner than you think. Rest a while after blocking your nose and you will feel fine after a while. It is a good thing to try out.


Pop a Pill

Popping a regular medicine for cold will help you improve your cold to a great extent.

Reducing your running nose through pills for a while is a good idea but you shouldn’t always be doing it.

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A Head Massage

Get yourself a head massage and you will feel a bit relaxed and your runny nose will be cured. You will be able to relax a while after you have had a head massage. There are numerous ways of curing a nose block but a head massage is one of the best ways of doing so.

However, if you are using homemade cure for any disease then it is necessary that you don’t do so for longer than necessary.

Summary – This article will tell you how to cure a running nose while you are still at home without a lot of problems.

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