How to treat Acne at home

Acne is a serious issue that is affecting many people, particularly teenagers when they hit their puberty.  It lowers your self-esteem and confidence and this in turn, has a negative effect on the relationships that you have built around you.


Do It Yourself Remedy for Acne

Many of us are under the impression that treating acne would require us to visit the doctor and take prescription medicines.  However, all of this is untrue as the treatment is very well in your hands by using harmless herbs.  It is said that applying toothpaste on acne is perhaps one of the easiest treatments that also has a high success rate.

Another alternative to this would be to make pastes and face masks by various medicinal plants that work wonders for acne.  Plants such as  papaya, drumsticks, neem and turmeric, ground sesame seeds, ground orange peel, milk and nutmeg, oatmeal, sandalwood paste, cucumber, roasted powder of pomegranate seeds, ground radish, honey, mint juice, lemon, ripe tomatoes, lime and vinegar, fenugreek leaves and dry basil leaves are all natural ingredients that can be used to make pastes and masks.

These applications are very effective when it comes to acne home treatments.  When applying, make sure to completely cover the affected area, leave it on for 15-60 minutes depending on your threshold, and remove with warm water.  Do this once or twice on a regular basis and see the difference as it reduces the extent of oiliness in skin.  You can continue with this treatment until you see results, which you can see within fifteen days of the treatment.  However, even after you are cured from acne, continue using the treatment in order to prevent its relapse.


Readymade OTC Products for Acne

If it seems tedious for you to prepare these pastes and masks, then you can opt for the readymade treatment packs that are available over the counter.  One of them is benzyl peroxide, which helps in drying out the acne and then shedding off the dead skin.  You can also reduce the oiliness of your skin by applying cleanser.


Minimising the Effects of Acne

As they say, “prevention is better than cure”.  Hence, if you have an outbreak of acne, then start curing it immediately.  Avoid pricking and squeezing the pimples as it spreads the acne and do not use products on your skin that contain a high percentage of isopropyl alcohol.

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