How to treat Plantar Wart at home

Plantar is the sole of the foot, and plantar wart, as the name suggests is a growth on the bottom surface of the foot. They are very annoying and downright painful. They make it almost impossible for a person to walk and move. And they are extremely stubborn, as it takes a lot of time and efforts to remove them. Plantar wart treatments have been reported to be very painful by the patients who have undergone the treatments. Therefore, we have brought some of the very effective home remedies for the plantar wart treatment.     


Nail Polish                  

For this treatment the things that you need are – a bottle of nail polish, water, a blow dryer, towel, and soap. Wash your feet using soap and water, now dry it with a towel or a dryer if needed. Now paint the wart and the surrounding area with the nail polish, the entire wart must be covered. Then dry it with the hair dryer. When it is dry, put on a sock.

Keep the nail polish on your foot for few days, though it might feel little uncomfortable, but you have to do this. Nail polish will kill the plant wart effectively. Wondering how? Actually, the nail polish cuts off the oxygen completely from the wart, making it impossible for the bacteria to grow and reproduce. This is why the entire wart must be covered; even if the smallest part remains uncovered, it will render the entire plantar wart treatment waste.


Banana mash

Scrape that whitish part off the inside of banana peel and apply it on to the wart like twice a day. Bananas contain proteolytic enzyme that eats away the wart. basil-bsp


Basil has multifarious anti-viral components. Crush some basil leaves into a paste, apply it on the warts and cover it with a bandage or a clean cloth. Soon the warts will disappear.



Peel a potato and cut a round slice of it. Rub the potato slice on your warts around three times a day. You can also put the slice on the wart for as long as you can. You can bandage the potato over the wart, and do this daily for some days will take away your warts completely.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Soak some cotton in apple cider vinegar and then apply the cotton onto your wart. Cover it with a gauge or a tape so that it remains there for a good time. Do this every night, though you will not get to see instant results, but the warts might come off in 1-2 weeks.


Getting a plantar wart treatment at hospitals can be painful; therefore, you should consider these DIY treatments.

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