How to Increase your Child’s Appetite

As your child nears six months of age, you would need to slowly start introducing solid foods into his/her diet. You would need to include foods like fruit liquids, porridge milk and rice team, etc. in his/her regular diet so that he/she gets the nutrition from these foods as well. However, this would be easily said than done.

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Babies would usually refuse to eat these foods on account of finding it hard to nibble on them. They would act as extremely picky eaters, mostly refusing vegetables and other nutritious foods that don’t look appealing to them. In certain cases, certain physical or psychological disorders could also force children to refuse solid foods. So how do you go about ensuring your child eats these foods without making a fuss about them? Here are some simple tips to help you.

Small Portions

Do not stack his/her plate. Rather, serve small portions that would make it easier for him/her to complete what is in the plate without feeling overwhelmed.

Different Varieties

Rather than forcing your kids to stick to certain foods types, diversify the food options and let your child choose which food he/she wants to eat. This way, you can let him/her have control of what he/she eats without compromising on nutrition.

 Make your meals look more attractive

Appealing Looks

Make your meals look more attractive and your kids will gobble them down for sure. For instance, try shaping the fried rice like a small duck or teddy bear. Or cut out apples into thin slices which you can decorate like a bird. You can also offer your kids their favorite toys if they promise to eat their food.

Mealtime –Fun Time

Do not punish, scare or threaten your kids at the dining table. Rather, try to make the atmosphere fun and relaxed. The more you taunt them, the less willingly they will eat their meals. Follow a relaxed, laid-back approach and you will find them eating their foods readily.

Healthy Treats

Rather than opting for fries and chips, give your kids healthier treats like minced animal meat patties or potato balls. This way, you would be instilling in them the habit of healthy eating from a young age.

 Limited Drinks in between Meal Times

Limited Drinks in between Meal Times

Drinking too much water or other fluids in between meals would fill up their stomach and make your kids fuss about eating their foods. So limit water intake during meals and concentrate more on fresh fruit juices and low fat drinks as substitutes for water rather than opting for sodas and packaged juices.


Kids usually throw tantrums when asked to eat their foods. Instead of punishing them, try opting for these strategies, which would ensure your child eat what is in his/her plate without fussing about it.

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