Ovarian Cysts and their home remedies

Ovarian cysts are something that women do have and most ovarian cysts are benign and non-cancerous. However, they are quite painful and uncomfortable for the victim. Some women suffer from recurring cysts, which is very stressful, painful, and difficult to treat. The treatment of ovarian cysts includes medications, birth control pills and surgery. And there are some DIY remedies that you can use to cure your ovarian cyst as well.


Natural remedies are effective in curing cysts, moreover, they give a long-term relief and not a short term fix. Surgery and medications are not always the best option. With surgery you can only get removed the already present cysts in your ovary, however, there is no prevention for the future occurrences of the cysts.

Whereas, natural remedies along with the removal of the cysts, guard the future occurrences also.


Medications like the birth control pills are prescribed to women who have cyst in their ovary. However, this is not a long-term solution, as the pills contain both male and female hormones and they just prevent the release of eggs every month. Therefore, these medicines are not a treatment; rather they are a kind of postponement.

This proves that any day, natural remedies are far better and productive than the treatments in hospitals.


You can start with the things in your kitchen, like an herbal drink. Green tea is something that is found in almost every home these days. Green tea is a marvelous antioxidant and it brings down the stress levels. You can also increase your intake of water and fiber and do yoga. A healthy lifestyle is a key to your overall health. So try to make your lifestyle as healthy as it can get.

Herbal home remedies enable you to get rid of ovarian cysts permanently and in a way that is free from side effects. You can apply castor oil pack that will dissolve the cyst. Yoga and aromatherapy are very effective home remedies for ovarian cysts. These therapies cure the hormonal imbalance and ease off the pain. You can massage the abdominal area with jasmine oil, sweet almond oil and sage essential oil, which will give you a considerable relief from the problem. However, massages should be avoided in conditions of pregnancy, menstruation and cancerous cysts. Hot baths and packs help you deal with the pain associated with this disorder.


Natural and herbal home remedies are without a doubt much more effective than the medications and surgeries, as they are a long-term solution to the problem of ovarian cysts.

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