Purportedly healthy foods that can be unhealthy

With time, awareness has increased and now people are more particular about what they buy and eat. People read labels on eatables more than ever before but still they are befooled by some foods, as in foods they think are healthy but they are not. Some foods sound very wholesome but in reality, they are even worse than some of the junk foods that we know are bad. Following is a rundown of such foods you think are healthy but they are not:

Whole Wheat

whole wheat in bowl and wooden spoon, horizontal

People today are so particular for not consuming extra-refined flour, and not even breads made of refined wheat products thinking that whole wheat is all-good. However, they do not know the whole truth about the whole wheat, as in whole wheat is a major source of gluten, which is not good for human beings, affecting some people more than others. Whole wheat also raises cholesterol level in human body and deprives it of vitamin D.

Sports Drinks

Fitness woman getting sports drink

Almost everybody consumes sports drinks expecting to gain some energy but sports drinks are not for everybody, and majority of people do not know this. They benefit athletes because they are made especially for athletes who do intense workouts, experience massive sweating that leads to glycogen depletion in their body. Sports drinks contain water, electrolytes and sugar that make up for this deficiency. If people consume sports drinks without doing any workouts then they can harm the health of such people.

Banana chips

Banana chips

Some people left eating potato chips because they think it is unhealthy and found a healthy alternative to it, i.e. munching banana chips. Well, you must realize that chips are fried so they are any which way unhealthy, whether they are made from potatoes or bananas.


Beautiful asian caucasian woman with a white bowl of mixed salad

You go to a hotel for dinner and all you order for yourself is some salad. The order shows how health conscious personality you are but probably you do not know what some salads you order out can do to you. Some salads are as bad as a calorie filled burger or any other junk food. The hotel people add calories to the otherwise healthy salad so that you find it tasty. Therefore, be cautious while ordering salads and check their ingredient list twice.

Some foods and drinks sound so healthy that they literally befool people. They actually believe in their fake healthy facts.

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