Ways to treat cold sores through home remedies

Do you feel embarrassing when you get a cold sore? Now, you do not need to worry about these cold sores or fever blisters. Although these sores disappear themselves within a few days, but you may try various home remedies that help you get rid of them faster. The outbreak of these painful blisters is caused by herpes simplex virus and these usually spread through infected bodily fluids. You may cover them with make-up, but that hardly helps. Check out some home remedies that help you control and treat these cold sores effectively.

Take high-lysine foods
Lysine is a type of protein that is good for healing and can also help in the prevention of cold sores. If your regular diet contains high amount of lysine, it could greatly benefit you when you have sores. Lysine protein can be found abundantly in food items, such as eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese.
Avoid foods with Arginine
Arginine is also a type of protein, but it can make your cold sores worse. This protein supports the herpes virus and makes it grow. If the virus further spreads in your body, your condition would also grow worse. Thus, you should totally avoid foods that contain a high amount of arginine. Such food items include nuts, whole grains, chocolates and seeds.
Keep acidic foods away
An acidic environment supports the growth of herpes virus and can also pinch on your cold sores. Thus, it is better to avoid consuming acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, and items containing vinegar.
Use ice cubes
The herpes virus causing cold sores needs a warm environment to grow. Thus, it is a good idea to use cold ice cubes to get relieved of this virus. You should ice the area where you have sores. Repeat this regularly whenever you see sores forming. If you cool your sore, it would prevent its further growth and fasten the healing process.
Apply lemon extract or salt
You can also try applying some lemon extract or balm on your sore 2-3 times a day. The same can be done using common salt. Just put some salt on your finger and press it against your sore for a minute. These remedies will help prevent the herpes virus growth.
Apply a tea bag
A cold sore can also heal through a tea bag. You only need to soak the tea bag in some hot water, cool it off and apply on your sore for about 5-10 minutes. Repeat this process every hour using a fresh tea bag each time.

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