What is Applied Nutrition?


This company manufactures various kinds of supplements to help with weight loss and die. It has a whole different range of products that people can use which can also help to improve their skin and hair as well. This online portal also describes their company as one of the leaders in providing supplements.

The company also claims that they provide the products of high quality that can help cater to the different needs of people.  This company deals with products that are specially designed products only for men and women separately apart from the generic supplements that anyone can take. They also have a wellness-oriented section that is focused on various kinds of health and weight loss tips.  The other brands that come under their wing includes

  • com which is focused with a variety of health related supplements
  • irwinnaturals .com which is also a website that sells different types of health centric supplements including health and brain boosters

How Did Applied Nutrition Start?


Presently there is nothing much known about the company apart from the fact that it is Located in Los Angeles California. A group of people who have been experts in the nutrition and fitness industry founded it in 2009. The whole motive of the company was to provide customers with the best supplements that are available today.

Applied Nutrition Claim

In today’s world, the need for supplements has become a part of our lives. There are different companies in the market that provide a variety of natural supplements that help in the overall health of a person. Applied Nutrition is one such name that claims that their products are formulated after extensive research.

Every product that comes under their wing has been tested to ensure that it gives the desired results. As far as the price range is concerned, it varies depending on the type of product you choose as well as the contents of supplement.

The company also claims that they are the leaders in the world of nutrition supplements and have been in the top names to show results.   Each ingredient used in their various supplements is filled with natural stuff and have shown the desired results over time.

Applied Nutrition Ingredients Skip vitamins and minerals if possible. List proprietary blends by the blend name.)

Details on Applied Nutrition and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The customers who have tried the Natural Fat Burner have not seen many results. Based on the reviews given by the customers, they have followed the instructions that were mentioned in the label but did not see the much-desired results. The Natural Fat Burner supplement is a combination of Acai, raspberry ketones and green tea all in small amounts.

What cannot really be understood is the fact that instead of combining the three, why not focus on just one or two products and get the desired results. No doubt, there have some positive results as well. A few of the various things that the customers have said included

They were not happy with the product; did they feel neither that they lost their weight nor that their energy was boosted in any way.

Another customer claimed that although he/she did see some kind of benefit, but that was nothing pertaining to the weight loss.


Although on the overall there are mixed reviews about the company and it’s products; nevertheless, it does seem like the company does have some healthy ingredients in their supplements. The only thing that you have to be careful is to read properly before purchasing any product.

In one review, it was stated that the minute the customer got their product, they started taking the supplements. Unfortunately, they lost their appetite completely the same day itself.

On the other hand, there was also a positive review as well. The customer stated that he or she takes two tablets early in the morning while having breakfast. Every since the person started, they have seen some results with their weight loss.

Some have also complained about the taste of the pills and stated that they may not even continue with it. Another customer also stated that she/he had to stop the supplements because the couple was trying to conceive.

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