It is no secret that everyone wants to be fit and healthy. However, it is extremely important to eat right in order to achieve this goal. You also have to balance it with enough sleep and exercise. Other than these, one of the most essential things to do is to de-stress. Only when these aspects of health (sleeping, exercising, and eating) are in tandem, does one feel fit, relaxed and healthy.

However, and ironically so, one of the most stressful things to do, is to eat right. It doesn’t matter how much of unhealthy food you are eating, it has to be in the right calorie proportion. Here’s a few tips on  that will help you keep fit and healthy –

1.   Stick to the Rules – The Healthiest Weight Loss Regime

Healthiest Weight Loss Regime

It is essential that you follow the rules and stick to them. It is easy to break the pattern; essentially, during winter or during festive season. However, stay determined and stick to your resolve. It is ideal to also consult a dietician or a nutritionist for an overall check-up. You need to concentrate on your overall health rather than just losing weight or reducing inches around the waist. Moreover, if you already have health issues, getting into shape will take a while. Hence, one must prioritise health over weight loss. In such scenario, you will have to be very patient and kind with yourself.

2.   Make Fibre One of your Eating Habits

Make Fibre One of your Eating Habits

Fibrous food not only helps you feel full but is also easy to digest. It is one of the friendliest nutrients. In fact, it automatically helps you to lose weight whilst still maintaining the health. Fibrous food benefits you in the following ways –

  • Maintains sugar content in the blood
  • Helps with indigestion
  • Cleanses the insides thoroughly

However, too much of anything is bad for health. Hence, limit your fibre consumption to 25 grams a day, if you are a woman and 38 grams a day, if you are a man. Nonetheless, unless you’re specifically going for it, you’re probably not going to consume more than 10-15 grams of fibre per day. Thus, this is one way to maintain a weight loss regime whilst still remaining healthy and not compromising your food intake.

3.   Try a Hand at Keto Diet

Try a Hand at Keto Diet

Another way of losing weight without proportioning your food in-take is a Keto diet. You can eat a stomach full, lose weight and still, remain healthy. Therefore, if you are truly looking to make changes in your overall health and well-being, Keto diet is the thing for you!   If you are going for keto though, a dietician or a nutritionist is your best option. For more effective results, use keto products for daily consumption. While there is a lot of information about the Keto diet on the internet and in books, it is dangerous to practice this diet without consulting a professional. It has often proven to be fatal.

4.   Ensure you’re consuming Enough Fatty Acids

consuming Enough Fatty Acids

No matter what kind of diet or exercise regime you are following, you should ensure that you are consuming enough fatty acids. Especially those of the Omega-3 variety. This is something that is recommended by almost every other health professional. While everyone loves a table full of delicious food, it should never be at the cost of one’s health. Therefore, do not consume excess of fatty acids under this pretext.

5.   Fasting or Water Fasting


At the end of the day, it is necessary that –

  1. You get enough nutrients
  2. You don’t put on weight
  3. You stay healthy

One of the creative ways of achieving this could be to fast for 1-2 days a week. While in countries like India, people do it for religious reasons, you could start your own spiritual connection with health. Instead of completely banning the in-take of food, it would be nice to go on a liquid diet for a day. If you are doing it for 2 days a week, ensure that they are far apart and not consecutive.  You could also go on a water fast for a day. Water fast is quite difficult and hence, do it only if you are sure you can handle it. Also, don’t water fast for more than a day a week.

Follow one of the methods mentioned here and watch yourself transform into a newer, healthier and fitter being!

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