5 Innovative Yoga and how they enhance your well-being

Beer Yoga

It is often that one thinks of exercising and practicing yoga but amidst a busy life, it simply doesn’t happen. In such scenario you should consider exercises that shall help you maintain fitness at home. There are countless types of Yogic Exercises that you could fit into your daily schedule. Each of these benefit us differently. Yoga is more than just exercise that’ll help you maintain fit muscles. It focuses on the overall well-being of the body. Other than physical fitness, it also caters to emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of a person. Some of the styles are more popular and modern than others, but there is nothing like the ancient, traditional basics.

Here’s a few types of Yoga which can help you stay fit and healthy – 

1.   Wine Yoga

Wine Yoga

Another drink on the block! For all you know, Yoga is now being curated by alcohol lovers and maybe, cheers to that! So, while there are multiple jokes on using Yogic poses to open a wine bottle, you can actually use it as a concept to practice yoga. Of course, ensure that you don’t end up breaking the bottle and spilling the wine! Since a huge portion of yoga focuses on balance, you could try that by balancing the bottle on your head or hand and channelizing your concentration onto it. It might sound funny and off but try it out and you will find yourself practicing yoga! That’s one way to remain in good health!

2.   Power Yoga

Power Yoga

A power yoga session for just 10 minutes a day can help change your life significantly. It is very easy and can also be practiced by beginners. However, it is definitely recommended that you consult a physician before inculcating this as some of the asana can be very intense. However, the whole process helps in improvising, energising and relaxing oneself completely. Additionally, it helps you to lose weight and tone your body. It is definitely beneficial to practice power yoga on a daily basis for 10 minutes than to do any other form of exercise. Moreover, one starts to see noticeable results in absolutely no time.

3.   Traditional Yoga

Traditional Yoga

Traditional yoga, like all other forms of yoga, can be done at home. However, it is important that you assign a yoga guru to walk you through this. For, traditional yoga requires much more detail and focus. It is the very yoga upon which the other forms are based. Traditional yoga not only concentrates on your overall well-being but also takes care of the healing process. Any emotional, physical, psychological wounds from the past are healed through the proper, ancient form of yoga. Hence, the body is fit and the mind is empty and free of any worries. This not only keeps one physically fit but also helps in staying focused throughout the day.

4.   Beer Yoga – Fit Muscles, Fit Body, Fit Mind!

Beer Yoga

Considering Yoga is considered pure whilst alcohol isn’t, this for sure is a new concept. A lot of people still find it difficult to wrap their head around it and still more, look down upon it. However, if you don’t have any of these constraints, practicing yoga whilst drinking beer should be on your platter. So, instead of going to a club on the weekends, you can just invite your friends over for a Yoga-jam over beer i.e. ‘beer yoga.’ One of the most famous Beer Yoga exercises is to focus your mind completely on the beer bottle whilst meditating. After all, the focus of yoga has always been on finding your inner-energy or inner-channel. So, chug a beer without any cost to your health!

5.   The Ultimate Karma Yoga

The Ultimate Karma Yoga

Karma yoga might surprise you and you might even wonder, what it has to do with staying fit and exercising. Well, there is enough scientific evidence to suggest that a clean heart and a clear mind warrants a healthy body. Thus, one might as well focus on being nice, calm and composed rather than jumping around on machines and bending in different poses in the name of exercise. You’ll be surprised at how soul searching can actually help you stay fit and healthy. There is enough material online and offline on how exactly you should be able to achieve this, however, it can best be achieved by tapping into your inner energy.

If you are looking to practice fitness at home, then yoga surely is one of your best options. It is quicker and more beneficial, doesn’t cost a lot of money and of course, can be done without any machines!

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