Children’s health: Maintaining health with vitamins and antioxidants

It is vital that children stay on a proper diet and take required nutrition and vitamins. Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle can lead to multiple health conditions, which can affect children the most. Some children have hereditary health problems and it is essential to give proper nutrition and vitamin to them from an early age.

Hereditary problems can develop serious symptoms, problems, and proper diet plan can play an important role to decrease them.

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Most serious hereditary problems

heart ailments


Cholesterol is one of the most common problems that can affect your health and can be life threatening. Major symptoms of familial hypercholestrolaemia include family history, heart attacks at an early age, cholesterol deposits on elbows, knees, and buttocks.

abdominal pain

Kidney disorders

Polycystic kidney disease is one of the common types of genetic disorders that cause non-cancerous cysts to develop in the kidneys of the patient. This cyst can lead to problems like stone, kidney failure, abdominal pain, and high blood pressure.

alternate therapy

Muscular Dystrophy

It includes various types of muscular diseases that may vary person to person and can affect people differently. It can affect voluntary muscles, involuntary muscles, and can affect specific muscle group. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this problem but special physical therapy can help patients deal with this problem.


Canavan Disease

Canavan Disease is one of the most common hereditary diseases, which is associated with Ashkenazi Jews. This degenerative condition can be life threatening in almost all cases. This can also lead to serious brain erosion and its symptoms may appear before a child’s first birthday. Children with this problem may face problem to control their head and this can also affect their muscle strength. Other early symptoms of the disease may include extreme pressure on the brain, less muscle strength, difficulty in eating, and seizures.

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How vitamins and antioxidants can maintain health

Balanced diet can help to maintain child’s health and it can also help them to grow properly. They can also lower the risk of various hereditary problems in children. Food rich in vitamins and antioxidants can boost immunity and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Most children face various hereditarily conditions like cholesterol, kidney disorders, muscular dystrophy, canavan disease, and many other problems. Children may face various health problems at their early age and healthy diet, vitamins, and antioxidants can help them to deal with these problems or their symptoms.

Vitamins and antioxidants are essential for picky eaters. Children who do not eat healthy food may lack in vitamins like vitamin D, E, A, and B. It is important for their parents to make them eat such foods, which contains vitamins and other vital nutrients.


How vitamins and antioxidants work?

When oxidation takes place inside our body then it may lead to various problems. It can damage or can kill important cells. Antioxidants can prevent oxidation and can help to keep body healthy.

Vitamins can boost energy, beat stress, improve performance, reduce wrinkles, and help to lose few inches.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which can also act as an antioxidant. Vitamin A is beneficial for liver and it can reduce the risk of various liver disorders.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to boost immunity and play an important role to stay healthy and fit. Higher levels of vitamin C can improve overall health of an individual.


Vitamin E

Foods like eggs, vegetable oils, green vegetables, and nuts are the main source of vitamin E. it can be very beneficial to prevent various skin related problems.


Vitamins and antioxidants are important to maintain health. It is essential for children as it can help them to deal various hereditary health conditions.

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