Desktop yoga for you

Desktop yoga for you

Yoga is a powerful tool that helps you to release fear, anxiety and other negative emotions trapped in the body and mind. The postures given in yoga are great for keeping your body fit and help to increase the flexibility of your body. Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps you to open your minds, to release yourself and evolve as a better person.

Desktop yoga

These days due to the busy lifestyle, long working hours and travelling to workplace, working professionals are left with little or no time to practice yoga daily. The modern life demands modern methods of keeping fit in a way that exercises can be done in little time and space. The answer is desktop yoga.

It contains those exercises and postures that professionals can conveniently do even at their workplace within the given limited time and space.


Do it yourself – desktop yoga

Some of the exercise and postures that you can follow are:

Relax yourself (10 -15 mins) – Be comfortably seated in a chair or a sofa in a rest room. Close your eyes and let your body loose and focus on each body part and every muscle and allow them to release their stiffness. The ever alert state of body also keeps the mind aware. Relaxing the body in return helps to relax the mind.

Breathing exercises (10 mins) – Sit comfortably in a chair and face straight. You can close your eyes for better concentration. Breathe slowly and deeply, inhaling followed by exhaling and become aware of your breath. Try to exhale completely and inhale fully till your chest fills.


Meditation (10 -15 mins) – Sit quietly in a calm place and make sure there is no noise or disturbance. You can listen to relaxation tapes if you like. Keep your eyes open and see a beautiful image in the room. Continue inhaling and exhaling deeply but normally. Slowly close your eyes and begin imagining the picture in your mind. Let your mind imagine any other beautiful image or a place you have known. Allow your mind to wander there and feel the freshness passing through your body. See that your body feels refreshed and relaxed.

Warm-up exercises – Simple warm up exercises can be done 3 times each.

· Closing your eyes and covering them with your palm,

· Rubbing your hands against each other,

· Opening and closing of fists,

· Rotating the wrists clockwise and anticlockwise,

· Bending the neck on both sides or rotating the neck

· Shoulder shrugging and rolling

· Holding the opposite shoulders with hands

· Rotating the arms with outstretched hands

· Standing and stretching the back by bending back and forth

· Twisting the waist in standing position

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