Diagnosing and treating numb feet with Neurotherapy

It is difficult to find if one is suffering from numb feet or peripheral neuropathy. However, understanding what kind of neuropathy problem you are suffering from is important to find the right relief for the pain caused. The physician generally treats the patient after having a complete understanding of the cause of the problem and the occurrence of the symptoms. Generally, the physician looks out for symptoms such as numb feet or tingling feet. However, some patients suffer from coordination and autonomic changes too.

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This is a hereditary problem, hence, many a times neuropathic surgeon considers the family history too. It can be understood by physical examinations, if there is any problem in the movement or senses.

After understanding the type of problem, generally a blood test is conducted. It is to test the levels of vitamin, thyroid function, liver and kidney function and the blood sugar levels. For example, if there is an increase in the blood sugar levels then it causes diabetic neuropathy. This causes numb feet.

Some of the tests for diagnosis are as follows:

Computed Tomography _1

Computed Tomography and MRI

This Computed Tomography shows images in the 2D format of the bones and the body organs. Thus, it makes it easy to find the cause of the disorder such as stenosis of spine, tumor or any cyst in the brain or encephalitis.

Moreover, the MRI helps to find the nerve damage or compression, muscle atrophy or similar growths. It also helps to find the cause of the symptoms and gives the right treatment to this problem.


Electromyography and Nerve Biopsy

In this process of electromyography, needles are inserted in the muscles, which recognize the electrical signals that reach the muscles across the peripheral nerves whenever they are stable and whenever they are contracting. Along with the electromyography, the nerve conduction test is conducted. The procedure for this test is as follows, small electrodes are placed on the skin. It measures the speed of the electrical activity present in the peripheral nerves and thus helps in finding the differences between the diseases of the nerves and muscles.

Another test done to find the problem is nerve biopsy. In this the underlying problem or source is found out. Care should be taken that it doesn’t cause any side effects.

After finding the problem, the cause is eliminated and pain is relieved. Creams and pain relievers that contain the capsaicin is given to relieve the pain.


Numb feet can be diagnosed and treated with Neurotherapy. Lotions or creams can be applied after the treatment to relieve the pain.

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