Remedies and treatments to help with the tennis elbow

Tennis elbow, if not cured can turn into a chronic health condition. Hence, it is necessary to treat it right at the diagnosis. There are different exercises that help prevent the injury as well as reduce the intensity of the injury after it is caused. It helps in enhancing the flexibility and helps in making the muscles and body strong. This is an overall treatment to tennis elbow as well as the complete body.


Tennis elbow causes injury to the tendons on the outside and the muscles. The cause of this problem is repetition and overuse of the movement that causes this problem. These exercises help in strengthening the strained elbow. This if done before the problem is caused, can avoid its occurrence. If not, it can be a good and effective remedy to the disorder.

However, the exercises should be commenced only after the injury is healed. Medication from the physician to heal the injury and then consulting physiotherapists to correct the problem is important. How would you understand that you can commence the exercise? A simple signal is less pain or no pain. Exercising when the injury is fresh or is still serious can aggravate the problem. It not only increases the inflammation but also causes more pain.

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Some of the exercises are mentioned below

To help in making the wrist flexible it should be extended and rotated. This can be done extending the elbow to a limit that does not cause you much pain or effort. Keep this stretched position for a maximum of 30 seconds. This should be repeated 5-10 times for two times a day.

Stretching your body in the prayer position is another exercise. This simple pose includes joining the palms in front of the chest. The fingers should be joined to each other. The fingertips should touch the chin. In this position, the hands should be moved towards the waist. Move to a level until you feel a little stretch in the muscles. Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat the same exercise for four times every day.

Tennis elbow exercises can help cure the problem permanently. Moreover, one should not stop doing these exercises even after the problem is cured. In fact, one must continue to do these exercises to avoid recurrence of the problem.


Tennis elbow might be a painful problem; however, it has effective remedies. These remedies and exercises if conducted regularly can cure it permanently.

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