DIY tips and ideas for treating spider veins

Red, purple, or blue colored veins that appear usually on legs, breasts, face, and at the back of feet are named spider veins, and they make quite an ugly appearance. They are a beauty concern, as the clusters of tiny blood vessels appear as creepy spider-like formations. This condition is not a harmful condition as such but it could be an itchy condition in some of the cases.

Some people go for cosmetic surgeries to get rid of spider veins but you can also do the same with the help of some natural home remedies. Dr Prem Jagyasi suggest some DIY remedies you can use to get rid of spider veins:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dip a cloth in apple cider vinegar and place it on the affected area for as long as half an hour or dab cotton ball in it and then rub it over the spider veins. It increases the blood circulation by reducing the swelling in the veins, thus, lightening the appearance of spider veins.

Eat guava and oranges

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Guava and oranges are two fruits that are in close relation with spider veins, and can help reducing their appearance. Guava and orange are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin K, which are essential for providing strength to the blood vessels, and improving blood flow that automatically fades away the discoloration of veins.

Castor Oil

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Giving the affected area a nice massage everyday is an extremely effective solution that helps one get rid of spider veins, and if you do it with castor oil then the effect would be much more effective than any other oil or cream owing to its anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties.

Horse Chestnut Seed


It is believed to be the best herbal remedy for spider veins because of its circulatory and anti-inflammatory effects. Chestnut strengthens veins and brings back their lost elasticity, easing swelling, inflammation, and discoloration of veins.



Arnica is a compound derived from a flower and is known to have superb anti-inflammatory properties and a pain depressant in sprains, arthritis, and other conditions. As it is an anti-inflammatory compound, it takes away the swelling from veins and its daily application on the spider veins help diminish their appearance.

Spider veins have a not so pleasant appearance that takes place owing to the weakening of the veins that cannot properly circulate blood. Besides cosmetic surgery that not many people can afford, some DIY home remedies are worth a try to get rid of the spider veins.

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