Food items that can give your relief in muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are not serious illness, but can be quite discomforting. People can get such cramps anytime though, but mostly one experience cramps while exercising or after they are done with a heavy workout. It happens because the body goes mineral or electrolyte deficient after a workout. Some foods can really help you get away with those painful cramps.

Foods rich in potassium

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Potassium intake is of paramount importance for the health of muscles, and if your muscles were strong enough, you would not have to experience those painful cramps every now and then. Potassium helps breaking carbohydrates in the body and builds muscles. Potassium rich foods are many but banana is the most popular for alleviating body cramps. Having bananas ease tension and pull in muscles, eventually eliminating muscles cramps. Other potassium rich foods you can look up for the cause are bell peppers, cauliflower, watermelon, green beans, cucumbers, dried fruits, orange, tomato juice, papaya, and apricots.


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Lack of water in body is another reason that gives rise to body cramps. One must drink 48 oz. to 64 oz. water every day to relieve muscle pull. Not just water, but also the foods with high water content would also do like fruits, herbal teas, and soups. Addictions like alcohol consumption and smoking are bad because they take away your body water leaving it water deficient.

Foods rich in sodium

Foods rich in sodium

Sodium plays an integral role to balance fluid and to regulate normal blood pressure in human body. The normal functioning of the nervous system also relies on the level of sodium in our body. After massive workouts, your body sweats a lot and loses water and sodium, so after workouts your body craves for salty foods. Sodium deficiency in body induces salty food cravings, so you can munch on some healthy salty snacks after workouts and prevent muscle cramps.

Foods rich in magnesium

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Magnesium is one mineral that repairs damaged muscles in human body, reduces muscle cramps, ease muscle tension, and regulate electrolytes in body. Foods rich in magnesium are broccoli, peanuts, soy milk, tofu, halibut, pumpkin seeds, cooked spinach, whole grains, and black beans.

Foods rich in calcium

Foods rich in calcium

Nerve impulse generation and muscular contraction are two major functions calcium plays in our body. Therefore, consume almonds, green leafy vegetables, figs, yogurt, cheese and other low-fat daity products.

You get muscle cramps when you are mineral deficient, especially after long intense workouts. One can get rid of muscle cramps if one takes care of their mineral intake.

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