DIY ways to deal with Sinus Infection

Most people suffer from these problems that lead to sinus headache, fever, cold, and other issues. Sinuses are air filled spaces located behind the forehead, cheeks, eyes, and nasal bones. When muscles builds up and affects the opening of the sinus, it leads to problems like headache, cold, and infection.

People with sinus problem may experience symptoms like fever, headache, cold, and sneezing, pressure around nose, eyes, cheeks, and gums. If a person feels deep pain and problem in the sinus region then it is better to consult a specialist. It is also tricky to treat the problem so people can try DIY methods to deal with these problems naturally.


Treat sinus without antibiotics

Patient with sinus infection can use following methods in order to treat sinus headache, sinus gum pain and sinus eyes pain:

Hot compress

Hot compress on affected area can release sinus pain as it can open blocked sinus. For this, you can apply hot compress for some time on affected area and this can be replaced by cold compress for some time. This can reduce sinus headache and can remove nerve blockage.

neti pot practice


Yoga can treat many physical and psychological problems. It also includes neti pot practice, which can provide relief in conditions like sinus and migraine. This process can increase drainage and remove the pressure in the sinus region.


Steam is a good home remedy that can relieve nasal congestion and clear the nasal passage. You can do this at home by boiling water in an open pan or utensil for some time and then add some mint, or eucalyptus in the water. You can inhale steam in order to get rid of sinus problem.

relief from stress

Acupressure and other massage therapies

Acupressure and hot oil massage therapies can also release chest and nose conjunction. For this, you can use eucalyptus oil and other medicinal ointment for massage. A spa session can be equally beneficial as steam and can release headache or sinus pain.

When to call a doctor

Sinus infection is a common problem and you can treat it by using some home remedies. You can treat acute sinus infection at home but in case of chronic sinus problem, it becomes essential to call a doctor. If it is not treated properly then it can lead to chronic cavity problem.


Steam, hot compress, hot oil massage and other home remedies can provide relief in sinus pain. It also becomes vital for patients to consult a doctor in case of chronic sinus problem.

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