Easy and natural ways for relief in infantile eczema

Baby skin is so soft and sensitive that even a mild thing can give their skin a major rash, or something like infant eczema. Atopic dermatitis or infantile eczema is a chronic itchy and dry skin condition that is common in infants of 2 to 6 months. If the infantile eczema flare-ups are too frequent in your child’s case, then you must seek professional medication help but if the flare-ups are not much then you can use these following home remedies for relief in infantile eczema.

Install a humidifier

Humidifier with ionic air purifier

Infantile eczema is a dry skin condition, so making their skin moist can make condition better. Install a humidifier in your kid’s room so that the dryness in the air does not trouble the skin.

Give an oatmeal bath

Oatmea, milkl and brush on white background

Oatmeal works wonder to cure infantile eczema and other skin troubles. Grind oatmeal to form fine powder and add some powder to the bathtub and mix it until the water turns milky. Soak your baby in the tub for a good 15-20 minutes and let the magic mixture do its work. Now pat dry with a soft towel and see how soothing and soft the skin feels.

No frequent baths

No frequent baths

In order to cure your child’s eczema the natural way, you must ensure that you do not bathe your infant much like you would be doing in an otherwise normal situation. Frequent bathing can make the skin more dry, thus, aggravating the eczema. Make sure the bathing time is shorter and use all-natural soaps and creams.

Moisturize and massage

Mother massaging her baby girl

Get the hang of some high quality plant-based moisturizers and oils that can prevent any further irritation to your baby’s skin and can soothe the already affected skin. Calendula and chamomile moisturizers are helpful, as they soothe inflammation caused by eczema.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil seems to be one sure shot solution to so many skin problems, and infantile eczema is no exception. Just rub some coconut oil on the affected areas on a regular basis, and you will see how fast the irritation and dryness goes away.

Watch out for possible irritants

Concerned mom and baby

Your infant cannot tell you what irritates him, but you do need to be careful. Sometimes, babies are allergic to perfumes, dyes, colors, and chemicals present in soaps, sunscreen lotions, fabric detergents, and more. You must ensure that your baby’s super delicate skin encounters any of these irritants.

If infantile eczema is not severe, parents can consider some tips and household remedies that can soothe their baby’s dry and itchy skin condition.

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