Foods that can rev up your metabolism and bring health

Obesity is the root cause of so many health problems and do you know what the root cause of obesity is, it is your slow and weak metabolism. If BMR is low then obviously your body would not be burning fats fast, resulting in piles of fats accumulating inside, which eventually show up as fat, bulky body that attracts a number of health disorders. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have a healthy metabolism, and following are some foods that can help you rev up your metabolism and stay healthy.

Whole Grains


Wholegrain like brown rice and oatmeal are loaded with nutrients. They are also a rich source of carbohydrates that efficiently rev up a person’s metabolism. The complex carbohydrates stabilize the insulin level in our body, thus, providing us with ample energy.

Hot Peppers

Hot Pepper

Usually hot peppers do not get much of appreciation but one health benefit they offer us human beings takes away all their negative factors. Hot peppers increase the circulation in body, reduce cravings, and enhance metabolism. This is why some people sweat after having a hot pepper, as hot peppers stimulate body’s pain receptors, increase blood circulation and the metabolic rate.

Pears and Apples

lady eating apple to boost sex drive

These two fruits are real metabolism boosters, which mean a person desiring to lose some weight should have these two fruits on a regular basis. People who eat these two fruits almost every day are healthier and tend to lose weight earlier than the ones who do not consume pears and apples.

Lean meat or other foods rich in iron

Lean meat

Iron deficiency is a major cause that leads to slow metabolism, so eating foods rich in iron can make up for the deficiency and rev up metabolism. You can have lean meat that is a superb source of iron, or else you can have a diet rich of fortified cereal.

Coffee, tea, chocolate

sexy lady with coffee

These are caffeine rich things and caffeine is yet another element essential for a good metabolism. Tea enhances metabolism provided it does not contain milk, cream, or sugar. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, eventually boosting metabolism. Green tea does not contain caffeine but the antioxidants are equally good for the metabolism. Same goes for dark chocolate, as it contains good amount of caffeine and catechins.


A person’s metabolism is genetic and in one’s control altogether. You can eat all those foods that rev up metabolism, which means those foods increase the fat-burning power of the body.

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