Foods you never knew you were eating wrong

All of us eat so many things on a daily basis without even realizing that we eat them the wrong way. Even if you choose the healthiest and highly nutritious food items but if you do their wrong pairing, or you cook them the wrong way, all nutrients would be gone. Another instance of having food the wrong way is when you peel a fruit the wrong way, cut a vegetable taking unnecessarily long hours, or wasting energy. Scroll through to find such silly mistakes people often make regarding cooking and eating food, and mend your own mistakes.



One of the toughest fruits to peel, you all might agree on this but is not true. Peeling is not difficult but we all make it seem difficult, as we use the wrong way to peel it. Try this way and you will never say again that it is difficult to peel. Cut the fruit in half and put it in a water bowl. Slightly pull it apart and you will see seeds settling down at the bottom of the bowl and the inner membrane floating on the water.


broccoli diet

Broccoli is certainly one of the healthiest foods and is known to cure some cancers, including breast and skin cancer. However, the way you cook broccoli decides how much nutrition gets lost while cooking and how much of it remains until the time you consume it. On of the researches proved that preparing broccoli through steaming is a great way that preserves almost all the nutrients and even enhances them, especially the cancer fighting components, and boiling and frying are the worst of the methods. They do make it taste good but from the healthy point of view, such methods take away all the healthy components.


consuming tea

Many people believe that only green tea is good and the other tea has no health benefits. Well, this is just a myth and the other tea is equally healthy as green tea is but the milk that is added to teas is what makes all the difference. Never add milk to your tea, as it takes away all the cardiovascular benefits tea otherwise offers you, and instead of some sweetener in your green tea, add some juice to it.


Eating raw is not the only way that maintains the nutrition factor of a food but there are certain ways, which if done right keep food healthy even after cooking as well.

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