Knowing about the Jumping Frenchman of Maine Disorder

This is an extremely rare disorder that probably you would not have heard of. Jumping Frenchman of Maine is a rare condition wherein the sufferer has over exaggerated startle reaction. All of us have startle reaction that is a normal, rapid, and involuntary response to the sudden movements and happening around us.

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For instance, the shock that we display when we hear a sudden loud noise or when we see some strange sight all of a sudden is a normal startle reaction. Therefore, startle reaction is a normal reaction that human body displays whenever unexpected things happen around us all of a sudden. There are some people, rare though, whose startle reaction is extreme, so it comes under abnormal category, and we call it – the Jumping Frenchman of Maine Disorder.



This disorder is an abnormal reaction of an individual to a sudden but not so stimulating stimulation. Such people have over exaggerated startle reaction that makes them react to some situations in a shocking way, which the situation does not deserve at all. The reactions include jumping, shouting, hitting, yelling, and raising arms.


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There is particular therapy or treatment that is known to cure the Jumping Frenchman syndrome but one can cure it with certain therapies that involve making yourself strong. The patient is required to develop capability to be at ease and be calm almost all the time because anxiety and stress worsen this disorder. On the other hand, if the person remains calm and composed, his exaggerated startle reaction tends to mellow down.

This disorder gets mild with age but age factor also would not come to help if the sufferer is unable to have control over his emotions and does not know the tactic of stress management. People suffering from this disorder should start to come over their abnormal startle reaction when they confront certain situations, they should try to learn and condition themselves against a particular situation that startles them like hell. All such therapies depend upon person to person for effectiveness, and the more willingness sufferer shows, the better chances he stands to get over this disorder.


Jumping Frenchmen of Maine is a rare condition that was first found in the 19th century in Maine and the Canadian Province of Quebec. This disorder gets mild with age but anxiety, depression, and insomnia tend to trigger this disorder. People suffering from this rare condition should learn to be calm and composed all the time if possible.

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