Get a good diet of Vitamin B8 for the health benefits it offers

Vitamin B8 does not get much attention, but is essential for human body, as it makes all cells function normal in our body. Vitamin B8 is also known as Inositol, is water soluble and enables nutrient transport in cells. Deficiency of Vitamin B8 in human body causes – depression, anxiety, baldness, impotence, eczema, psoriasis, lung cancer, panic disorder, ovary syndrome, and more.

Vitamin B8 sources

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You get plenty of Vitamin B8 from citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals, rice, beef, soy, nuts, fresh liver, molasses, beef, and lecithin granules.

Health benefits of Vitamin B8

Improvescognitive function

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Inositol or Vitamin B8 improves function of neurotransmitters, thus, improving cognitive function. People who consume this vitamin in sufficient amounts experience better thought process and overall cognitive thinking.

Mood enhancing properties

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Vitamin B8 intake keeps a check on hypertension and its mood enhancing properties keep a person in high spirits and far away from depression. It also controls blood pressure, as it improves blood flow in arteries. This vitamin enhances serotonin production that is a mood controller. Serotonin prevents panic attacks and other psychological disturbances that take place due to stress in human beings.

Enables weight loss

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Vitamin B8 helps efficient breakdown of fats and enable transportation of lipids from the cells. This transportation and breakdown of fats activate body’s metabolism, which leads to a significant weight loss in human beings.

Relieves PCOS symptoms

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PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a condition of hormonal imbalance in women that causes increased production of male hormones inside. Main symptoms of this condition are weight gain, erratic menstrual cycle, high levels of insulin in blood, and infertility owing to cysts in ovaries. Intake of Vitamin B8 helps increase ovulation frequency, and weight loss, thus, significantly easing PCOS symptoms.

It lowers cholesterol levels

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When inositol combines with choline, it produces lecithin in our body. Lecithin breaks down fats in body and prevents fat build-up in the cell walls of brain, heart, and arteries. The more the level of lecithin in your body the lesser is the fat formation in your arteries, eventually lowering the level of cholesterol in your body.

Eases constipation


Deficiency of inositol in human body makes intestinal muscles over relax, which causes constipation. Intake of inositol stimulates muscular action in intestines, eventually treating constipation.

Vitamin B8 or inositol is essential for a number of functions in human body but you do not get to hear about this vitamin as much as you hear about other vitamins and their benefits.

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