Your Guide To Staying Teetotal At The Most Difficult Time Of The Year

Christmas and New Year are some of the happier periods of the year for most of us; there’s plenty of time off from the day job, while most of this time is spent with loved ones and friends.

For the above reasons, there’s usually a lot of alcohol flowing as well. The emergency services are inundated, particularly around New Year, with most people going overboard and not being able to handle their drink. Additionally, if you happen to be a recovering addict, this can be one of the most difficult points in the year to stay teetotal as you are surrounded by people who are overindulging.
This is exactly why staying sober is becoming a principle aim for a lot of people around this period. You don’t have to ruin the festive season either to pull this off. In fact, going teetotal is completely fashionable – you just have to look at some of the biggest names in the world to see this. Calvin Harris, Daniel Radcliffe and Gerard Butler are managing to completely avoid alcohol all-year round. If you’ve found your way to this article, you’re only trying to achieve the unthinkable over the space of a couple of weeks – so it can be done.

You don’t have to turn your normal plans upside down

The most common advice on this topic is to avoid alcohol full-stop. Most people say that you’ve not only to avoid drinking it, but also putting yourself in a situation where you will be tempted. This means missing out on the bar and all of the other establishments that you might find yourself over New Year.

For the sake of staying teetotal over Christmas, we’d have to disagree. The beauty about the modern day pub is that it’s not just a place for drinking, most have entertainment schedules – particularly at this time of the year. Turning up and participating in the pub quiz is probably one of the best things you can do. It completely takes your mind off the alcohol, onto something else, whilst you are still able to sit and chat to your mates like you usually would.

The same can be said of pub and bar food. You don’t necessarily have to turn up and polish off umpteen glasses of your favorite spirit. Turn up, stay sober, and enjoy a meal. You’ll still be spending time with your circle of friends and family, but without the thumping headache the next morning.

no alcohol please

You can still “fit in”

One of the hardest things that people find about staying alcohol-free over Christmas is the fact that everyone is asking why they are not drinking. In the case of women, this usually leads to questions regarding a potential pregnancy!

However, pubs and bars have made it easier for everyone to seamlessly fit in. The emergence of alcohol free beers, mocktails and other similar concoctions means that you can still “look the part”, without drawing questions from curious others.

Your New Year’s resolution?

Considering the fact that this is one of the most alcohol-inundated periods of the year, if you can pass through it unscathed you might be able to set an unlikely precedent for the remainder of the year. As we touched upon previously, staying sober is now completely in fashion and is stretching across more celebrities than ever before. The days of A-listers falling over outside clubs appears to be heading out, and being replaced by a teetotal culture.

We’ve only touched upon a handful of tips for your festive celebrations, but it’s clear that they can be replicated at other periods of the year. If you are more concerned about your drinking plight, you can turn to more advanced psychological methods, but to “test the water” you won’t do any harm by just tinkering with your plans somewhat.


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