Top tips to tone down your thighs at home


Squatting can be one of the best exercises that help to tone thighs. This is a great exercise for your abdomen as well. In order to squat you need to stand against a wall with your back, with two feet apart. Inhale and exhale slowly, take sort and deep breaths, and sit down. After counting ten, stand up slowly. Repeat this for ten times and do this regularly foe effective results.


Lifting your results

This is also a difficult exercise that is effective as well to tone down the thigh muscles. This exercise has to be performed by lying down on the right side on a yoga mat. The right elbow needs to be placed on the ground, with the head resting on the hand. After taking a few breaths, the right leg needs to be kicked upwards in the sky. Inhale deeply and thee lower the feet down in the normal position. Repeat this exercise with both legs simultaneously.


Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are another effective way to tone down the thigh muscles in an effective manner. Lay on your stomach, so that your body is straight and your legs are extended behind your body. The arms should lie at the side on the body. After taking a deep breath extend the legs in the sky upwards and then lower down the legs in a very slow manner. Repeat this ten times and you will feel the difference after few months.



Last but not the least; walking is the best way to reduce fat from the muscles. It is a good cardio vascular exercise that is very effective for reducing thigh fat as well as fat from the abdomen. Start walking at a slow pace and then start briskly and then quickly. Brisk walking regularly for 30 minutes is very effective in reducing fat by a great deal. These are some of the tips in which thigh muscles can be toned in an effective manner without too much of hassles. 


Toning your thighs at home can be a really difficult task. Thighs are a part of the body that is really termed to be adamant and it will definitely not cooperate unless you vigorously try to reduce the same. Here are some ways in which you can tone down your thigh muscles by a great deal at home.

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