Liver is responsible for a number of functions in your body, such as digestion, storage of nutrients, metabolism and immunity. Overeating or eating excess of fried or junk foods, stress, and some other lifestyle patterns leave a negative impact on your liver, which takes toll on your overall health. It is of paramount importance that your liver is in good condition, so here are some foods you can use that help naturally cleanse your liver:

Beets and Carrots

Beet vegetable

Glutathione is a protein that detoxifies human liver with utmost efficiency, and carrots are a storehouse of this protein. Beta-carotene and flavonoids are other elements beets and carrots have in plenty, and these are essential for maintaining overall functioning of your liver.

Green leafy vegetables

green leafy vegetables

Various chemicals, toxins, pesticides and other harmful elements manage to enter our body and liver owing to our consumption of polluted foods. You consume a good amount of green leafy vegetables, which contain certain chlorophylls that absorb toxins and naturally cleanse your liver.

Brussels Sprouts

fresh brussels sprouts isolated

Brussels sprouts have a tendency to cleanse and protect your liver against the harmful effects of toxins. They are high in sulphur, and are loaded with glucosinolates that play a very important role. They compel liver to produce enzymes, which make the liver strong and that further prevents environmental toxins to cause any kind of harm to our body.


Grapefruits benefits

Grapefruits have everything that makes your liver function properly, and if your liver is strong, your entire body immunity becomes stronger. Vitamin C, antioxidants, and glutathione are present in good quantity in grapefruits, which all together make the liver make special enzymes that fight against various toxins and eliminate them from human body.


Hands holding red and green apples

Apples are rich in pectin and some other compounds, which help release and cleanse your digestive system, thus eliminating toxins from your body. The compounds present in apple do half the work, thus reducing workload of your liver. This is applicable for organic apples, as the other ones are full of pesticides.


Young beautiful woman eating garlic. Natural antibiotic that fig

Garlic has a great potential to activate liver enzymes, which in turn help flush out all the toxins from our body. Allicin and selenium, the two natural compounds found in garlic naturally cleanse liver, making it all the more healthy and quick in its functioning.


Hand take kernel walnut

Loaded with amino acid, glutathione, Omega 3 fatty acids, and arginine, walnut is an ideal choice if someone wants to enhance the cleansing ability of one’s liver.

These foods are packed with all the compounds that help our liver to naturally cleanse itself and maintain our health.

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