Home remedies to the rescue for those dealing with Still’s Disease

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Still’s Disease is a rare kind of arthritis problem that can cause sore throat, high fever, and salmon color rashes. This can lead to problems like joint pain and other things. The problem can be diagnosed with the help of initial signs and symptoms.

Arthritis pain

This occurs in adults and can be prevented with the help of some medications and remedies. The major cause for this problem is still unknown but certain type of infection can cause this problem. Still’s Disease is an inflammatory type of arthritis, which is similar to rheumatoid arthritis. People with this problem may experience severe pain in their joints and Still’s Disease can damage or destroy affected joints, especially wrists. Medications like prednisone can help control inflammation.

Signs and symptoms of the Still’s Disease


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People with Still’s Disease usually experience daily high fever. The fever can peak twice or thrice in a day.

Sore throat

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Sore throat can be a major sign of Still’s Disease as it often affect your throat. This affects the lymph nodes in the neck of the patient. This can even lead to swelling and pain in nodes while talking.

Joint pain

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Heavy fever can led to problem like joint and muscle pain. This is the time when you need to see a doctor. This pain can be so severe that can disrupt your daily physical activity.


Skin Allergy

Most patients withStill’s Disease experience pink and pained rashes on their body. Rashes usually appear on trunk, arms, and legs. People also can experience swollen and achy joints, especially wrists, ankles, elbows, shoulders, and hands.

Home remedies to deal with Still’s Disease

Medicines can eliminate the problem but, they may have some side effects on your health. Some effective home remedies can help to cure the problem. They are:

Juice will work

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Juice like aloe vera, ginger, bilberry, and alfalfa are consider best to treat all types of infections and inflammations. Regular consumption of such herbal juices can eliminate joint pain, muscle pain, and can kill the bacteria or germs that cause Still’s Disease.

Yoga and exercise

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Regular practice of yoga and exercise can soothe joint pains. It improves the blood flow to the joints and maintains flexibility.


healthy food

Diet can play an important role to cure the disease. People can increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D, which can improve the strength of bones.


Still’s Disease is a rare health condition that can affect or damage joints. Home remedies like regular exercise, proper diet, and other things can help an individual to deal the problem.

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