Exploding head syndrome a strange but a very real problem

Exploding head syndrome is a rare disorder, which includes undesired events that come along with deep sleep. It is not as dangerous as it sounds, the patient isn’t at the risk of the head exploding literally, but the people affected with this syndrome hear extremely loud and scary noises. This sound may include an explosion sound, a gun shoot, a thunderclap and more. It often occurs in the night and can keep them awake.


Episodes of the syndrome can cause high level of stress and depressions the individual often does not understand what exactly happening inside his mind. This condition may vary people to people and can affect them differently too. The stroke can occur frequently and may take several days to affect an individual completely.

Major symptoms of Exploding Head Syndrome


Symptoms of Exploding head syndrome can occur differently in people. Most people with this problem experience painless sound and may imagine a sudden loud noise or explosion in their head. These sounds are generally free of any sense of pain but some people may experience little pain in their head. Anxiety and increased heart rate can be one of the major symptoms of this problem. Some patients feel sound in their head only and this can lead to problems like stress. Stress can make the condition of the patient even more critical. This can sometimes lead to hearing disorders.

Causes of Exploding Head Syndrome

poor sleeping pattern

Several health conditions can lead to Exploding Head Syndrome. This can be a result of another sleep disorder, stress, depression, medication use, and mental health disorders. People who consume drugs and alcohol may experience this problem. It is not a mental disorder by itself, but can be caused due to other mental health disorders. Exploding Head Syndrome may occur at the age of 10 years or less. So, it is better for an individual to see a doctor immediate after they experience such symptoms.

Diagnosis and treatment of Exploding Head Syndrome


Doctors often cannot diagnose the syndrome as it shows symptoms of problems like stress and depression. Practitioners generally recommend stress management techniques and therapies like meditation and yoga. Regular practices of such exercises and therapies can help an individual to deal with the problem. Doctors may prescribe some medications, which often depends on the health condition and severity of the problem. But, there is no permanent cure for the problem as the condition comes and goes or can disappear for a long time.


Exploding Head syndrome is not a common problem and can occur in any stage of life. Regular practice of yoga and meditation can help you to deal with the problem.

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