Home treatment ideas for dealing with an abscessed tooth

Abscessed tooth is an infection that happens between the root of a tooth and gums. It is lot more painful and discomforting than a normal toothache because of the pus buildup. This usually happens if the tooth is chipped or is caused by gingivitis.

It becomes so severe that infection spreads to the bone calling for a surgery. You need to be careful and do the needful on time, so that it does not spread any further and to soothe the pain and discomfort, you must try out these home remedies.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil in a bottle

The anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties in peppermint oil make it a superb remedy for abscessed tooth problem. It destroys bacteria and prevents pus buildup, and its anti-inflammatory properties soothe swelling of gums. Dab oil with a cotton ball on the affected area, or keep some peppermint leaves in your mouth and experience relief in pain.


Garlic and oil

Who needs chemical bacteria killers when we have natural bacteria killer available like garlic. Apply some of the garlic juice onto the painful tooth and you will experience a quick relief from the maddening pain. Besides the anti-bacterial properties, garlic also has some anti-inflammatory properties owing to presence of several sulfuric compounds in it.


Woman using mouthwash during oral hygiene routine

Salt-water gargles bring in a great and a quick relief from the annoying pain caused by the abscessed tooth. Mix some salt in lukewarm water and gargle; it helps ease the pain and rinse out bacteria from your mouth.


Potato knife peeling

Potato is a very effective home remedy that eliminates swelling and pain of abscessed tooth. Cut a potato slice and keep it in your mouth in the affected area overnight, or for some hours and the next morning you will realize considerable reduction in both pain and swelling.


yellow turmeric on wooden spoon

Known for its anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric treats the abscess pain and swelling really well. Apply turmeric directly over the abscessed tooth, or make a paste with some oil and apply it on your tooth.


common  plantain

Plantain offers an ideal solution for the symptoms of abscess tooth. Take some fresh plantain leaves and crush them. Place the crushed leaves on the affected tooth and area for a minimum of 20 minutes and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. You can repeat this procedure several times a day until you are relieved.

You certainly need to see a dentist if the Abscessed tooth infection is going strong. If not, you can try some home remedies to soothe the swelling and excruciating pain.

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