DIY remedies to get rid of freckles

Brown spots on skin, some small in size and some big and are signs of skin damage, we are talking about freckles. They are not medically threatening though but they certainly threaten your self-confidence, as they do interfere with your flawless look and beauty. Well, not to worry much, as you can use the following natural DIY remedies that are known to diminish the appearance of freckles on your skin.

Sake (Rice Wine)

Sake (Rice Wine)

Kojic acid is a major ingredient to be found in many skin whitening cosmetic products, and it is a by-product obtained in the fermentation process of rice wine. Kojic acid can effectively diminish the appearance of freckles on your skin, as it can reduce the production of melanin in your skin. Therefore, use sake in facial masks that whiten your skin and leave it well hydrated.

Buttermilk Compress

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Buttermilk contains loads of lactic acid, which you know is a natural skin-bleaching agent. Continue applying buttermilk compress until you find your freckles diminishing and one fine day leaving your skin finally.


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Lemon effectively takes away freckles owing to its citric acid content because citric acid works as a bleaching agent for our skin. Not just lemon, you can pick any other fruit like grape, orange, tomato, or strawberry to lighten freckles on your skin. If you have a sensitive skin then do not forget adding some water or yogurt to dilute lemon juice, or else it might cause a stinging sensation on your skin.

Banana – Mint Face Mask

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Banana and mint together become extremely helpful to treat so many skin problems, freckles being the one. Salicylic acid found in banana sheds the epidermal layer of our skin, it exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells, thus, giving you a freckle less skin. On the other hand, mint contains anti-oxidants, vitamin A, and C that work well to lighten skin tone and fade away freckles.


Sliced Red Onion

Onions, especially red onions have sulphur content that naturally exfoliates skin. You can grate one red onion, extract its juice and apply on your freckles every day. You can also cut onion slices and rub them onto your freckles twice a day. Continue repeating this remedy until you see no more freckles on your face.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) seeds and oil

Mix two teaspoons of jojoba oil to half-teaspoon olive oil and rub the mixture over your freckles gently. Leave it on your skin and wash it off after sometime. Jojoba oil lightens skin tone and fades away freckles.

Freckles are tiny brown marks on face usually caused by the overexposure to sun. Some cosmetics can cure freckles but the best solution is to seek some natural home remedies to eliminate freckles from your skin.

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