How to deal with canker sores at home

Everyone one of us has mouth ulcers at least once in our life. Canker sores or mouth ulcers occur on the soft inner side of the mouth and are non-contagious. They are however, painful and sensitive and are especially uncomfortable during eating, talking and drinking warm fluids.


Unlike cold sores, mouth ulcers do not affect the lips. Canker sores appear round or oval in shape with a red or yellowish centre and reddish looking outer line.

There are several causes for mouth ulcers to occur which include deficiency of essential nutrients like Vitamin  B12, Zinc, Folic acid and Iron, food allergy, hereditary reasons, bacterial infection, stomach problems and even constipation and menstrual cycle.

Mouth ulcers can be cured easily with the help of easy home remedies irrespective of their cause of appearance, though they can reappear again after healing. These home remedies help us to restore the natural essential nutrients, the deficiency of which might cause mouth ulcers. This article includes the following most popular and effective home remedies for curing mouth ulcers.

1. Rinse the mouth with aloe juice several times a day. This would help in decreasing the pain caused by mouth ulcers.

2. If you want instant relief from the pain of mouth ulcers, you should apply some alum directly to the affected area, two times a day.

3. If the cause of mouth ulcers is bacterial infection, apply baking powder either directly or in the form of a paste to the area of infection.


4. Rinsing the mouth with a mixture of water and 5-6 drops of grape fruits will prove to be beneficial in case of ulcers.

5. This homemade mouthwash will help you to get rid of your mouth ulcers. Ingredients of the mouthwash are – golden seal powder (half teaspoon) and common salt (one fourth teaspoon). Add these to one glass of water, mix thoroughly, and rinse the mouth twice a day with the mouthwash.

These tips are not only easy but also very effective. Along with following these remedies, it is also very essential to eat healthy food that contains all the nutrients in essential quantities and prevents malnutrition. Also, be sure that your digestive system works properly.


Home remedies coupled with proper nutrition and digestion helps in both prevention and recurrence of mouth ulcers and you can enjoy life once again.

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