How to overcome submissive personality

How to overcome submissive personality

You probably thought all your life that you look out for others. But are you sure it isn’t beyond normalcy and is more akin to being a submissive person? If you are always giving in to demands or commands without considering your comfort for once and if standing up against something isn’t your forte, this article is for you.

Submissive behavior examples: know if you are one

Cannot say no

Before we tell you how to overcome submissiveness it is important that you identify the idea of being submissive. If the following is happening in your life, chances are that you indeed are submissive.

  • Cannot say no: No matter how hard a request it is for you to address or how unfair it is an order, you never can bring yourself to say a firm no. If this is what you are experiencing then you got to look deeper.
  • Always putting others before you: There is a thin line between being selfless and being submissive. If you are prioritizing others over you even to cause yourself inconvenience or even when the situation is unfair, chances are you are submissive in nature.
  • Low self esteem: Do you always lack in confidence and think that others would do a better job than you? Do you always shy away from leadership roles or a justified confrontation where you should stand up for yourself? If yes is your answer to these then you need to learn how to overcome submissive personality.

Follow these to overcome submissive personality

read inspiring books

  1. Watch videos and read inspiring books: There are too many books available to enhance your personality and make you learn a thing or two about confidence. If it is too hard to follow, you can learn about how to overcome submissiveness from videos. This will give you an insight into some minor details like the body language which you otherwise miss out in books.
  2. Befriend and imitate confident people: You may be submissive by nature, but there is surely this one person that you know who is authoritative and confident. Befriend him. Our company always influences us. There is good chance that his aura would rub off you and you would turn a new leaf with time. Another advantage of this is that you can closely observe his actions and understand his thought process. It opens the window for you to understand his source of self belief and how long before you start implementing them yourself.
  3. Forget about the past or accept it: When we are writing about how to help a person with submissive personality traits, it is important that we make this point clear. Most people who are submissive and timid by nature usually have a past that is scarred by certain events. It could range from childhood bullying to abuse but something triggers the weak mindset and the urge to remain passive. Therefore, if you are trying to overcome submissive personality it is important that you understand this fact and realize that the past s history. It will not repeat itself unless you allow it to. Accept it and move on and ignite the fire in you.
  4. Fight your mind: The hardest of all tasks is probably this part. The mind has been trained for years to be a certain way. Now, although you will be making conscious attempts to break away from that, your mind will subconsciously keep trying to get back to old habits. So you have to be on guard for instances like lowering of your eyes or putting your hands in the pockets when in sticky situations.
  5. Seek professional help: All that we told you and all that you have ever heard may not be enough to help you get out of the nature of submissiveness permanently. In case you find it impossible to work on it on your own, do not hesitate to seek professional help and fasten the process.
  6. Believe in yourself: When you have enough belief in yourself, you are not held back by others. Naturally you stop being submissive. Start by appreciating the good work you do. Remember any praise you receive and give it a thought. Is it only you who think you are incapable? Probably so. So get out of the situation and discover the worth in you. The world will be at your feet with the right self belief.

Final words

If the submissive behavior examples match your daily actions, pay attention to all that we said. It is high time you stand up for yourself and overcome submissiveness. Now that you know how to overcome submissiveness, implement the knowledge and refresh your characteristics. It’s time for a new you.

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