More fitness apps for you

More fitness apps for you

Fitness has become easier with the introduction of smart phone applications. Some of the advanced fitness apps are:

· Sit ups pro – This app can be of great help if you are aiming at building those packs or having flat abs. This app will let you know the calories that you have burnt with each sit up and helps you monitor the number of crunches that you have made. The smart phone needs you to enter your weight, age and levels of fitness and keep it near your chest while performing those sit ups.

· Nike training club – This is one of the latest fitness apps, which aims at individualized fitness training. The users can have a target oriented, tailor made exercise plans. The workouts can be learned by seeing simple images that follow in a step wise manner, thus making workouts fun and easy to learn. It also includes new workouts and yoga as given by specialists and fitness experts.


· I muscle – This app gives a detailed understanding of the human body and the entire muscle structure. It gives the users a better idea about the large and small muscles in the body and their location and extent. The users can then identify the group of muscles that they wish to work on, in order to meet the desired goals. This helps in focusing on specific exercises for specific muscles and gives the liberty to plan your own fitness workout.


· Nike Boom – This is like a personal trainer and is a very useful fitness app for those who wish to follow a personalized fitness regimen. It includes more than 60 exercises sessions that can be easily understood and followed. They are well developed with the use of images, videos and have music to help you keep going.

· I map my ride – This fitness app is specially designed for those who have chosen cycling as their fitness choice. It helps you to track your cycling fitness program including the distance, speed and time of your cycling.


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