Omega 3 Supplements Might Help Treating Kids With ADHD

Kids With ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the common occurrences in people especially in childhood. The symptoms of the same tend to decrease as the kid approaches emotional and physical maturity. In broader terms, ADHD is characterized by a short attention span coupled with a major vulnerability to distraction.


Omega-3 is known to play a major role in controlling the symptoms of ADHD in children, and also to help them lead better lives. Read on to know more about how this can be made possible using omega-3 supplements.

  • Recent studies have shown that omega-3 helps calm nerves and increase attention span considerably. This can be good news for kids with ADHD, and hence omega-3 must definitely be given a chance here. People, in general, take resort to these supplements in order to improve their performance at work.
  • There is a certain link between consuming omega-3 and decreased hyperactivity in children. This is extremely needed, especially for kids who are already suffering from ADHD.
  • Omega-3 is also known to increase and improve concentration spans and attentivity. If this help is made available, kids with ADHD can put up better performances on the academic front too.
  • The functioning of the hormones and the immune systems of the body is influenced by EPA, a component of omega-3 fatty acid. EPA improves the condition of the overall body system, hence increasing brain activity for the better too.
  • Behavioural issues in young children with ADHD can also be tamed with the help of proper doses of the omega-3 supplements.

Kids With ADHD

Overall, ADHD children who are given omega-3 supplements on a regular basis show better performances in every aspect than the ones who are not. Hence, it is high time for your kid to get on these supplements if they fall into the category of ADHD kids. Care must be taken while administering your kid with omega-3 supplements. Consult your physician before getting your kid onto it, or any other type of dietary food supplement. 

Summing it up:

The above-mentioned advantages are only a few when it comes to speaking of omega -3. All of us know that this essential fatty acid is not easily available in our diet, which is why we need to resort to supplements. Try feeding your kid salmon fish which is full of omega-3 fatty acid. In addition to the above factors, omega-3 supplements will also improve skin and hair texture considerably well.

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