Pamper yourself and detoxify with a mustard bath

Are bad cold, body ache, joint pain and muscle pain interfering with your healthy and happy life? You can cure all these discomforting symptoms with a mustard bath that is so warming and stimulating owing to the mustard herb.

The goodness of a Mustard Detox Bath

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Mustard bath is perfectly suitable for you when your body demands some rejuvenation. People have been curing their minor body ailments or have used it to rejuvenate their bodies since ages. Mustard baths of today are even more beneficial, as there are numerous versions available that use some or the other additional ingredients.

A mustard bath wards off cold and influenza, soothes achy muscles, and helps uplift your overall mood. Some people who religiously take mustard baths every now and then even claim it relieves migraine pain, insomnia, and relieve stress. It stimulates your body’s sweat glands and open up ores, which enable ideal flush out of toxins. When your body is detoxified, the circulation improves and congestion eliminates, eventually leaving your body hale and hearty.

DIY Mustard Bath guidelines

Epsom salt

Following are the ingredients you can use for this particular mustard bath:

1/4 cup mustard seed powder

1/4 cup Dead Sea salt

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup Epsom salt

10 – 12 drops essential oil

You blend all these ingredients well and store the mixture in a glass jar, and use anytime your body demands relaxation and rejuvenation. Put the mixture in your hot water tub and soak in it for a good half an hour for the bath to be ready.

Health benefits


All the ingredients mentioned above play integral role to make this mustard bath recipe effective. Adding a few drops to your mustard bath amps up its therapeutic value. You can choose from a variety of essential oils, and their therapeutic benefits will help you make the choice.

Mustard seeds have a warm effect on your body, which is why you sweat and your body flushes out toxins. The baking soda that you will add will help adjust pH factor of hard water and deodorizes to make mustard bath even more enjoyable. Epsom salt as you know, has a high level of magnesium that helps relieve the muscle soreness and pain. It is the case with Dead Sea salts whose vital minerals and therapeutic benefits leave a rejuvenating impact upon your body.

Mustard baths help in detoxification and purification of body owing to the mustard’s therapeutic value. It helps oxygenate your body by opening pores and eliminating toxins, which maintains perfect health of your body.

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