Self-mutilation and its causes


When suffering from depression, a person often does not correctly understand or realize his/her surroundings. He can go wrong or can even harm himself. People may find cutting themselves easier than facing their problems. Some people might consider self-harm as the best way of coping with serious problems. It can help them to deal with their stress, depression, and express their hidden feelings. It is essential for such people to get out of it and feel happy.

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Self-mutilation can affect an individual physically and mentally as well. Scientifically, it has been described as a physical expression of emotional distress in which an individual intentionally harm himself. People who are mentally disturbed, stressed, alone, depressed, and guilty can indulge in such activities. They may feel instant relief from their emotional pain and distress but it is not long lasting as it can return with more pain.

Causes of self-mutilation

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There are no accurate reason why people hurt or cut them as this can change according to situation and problems. Unhappy and hidden emotions can be one of the biggest reasons for self-mutilation. Some of the probable reasons are as follows:

Social factors


Social factor is one of the major factors that can affect the mental condition of an individual. If a person is depressed with the social barriers then this can force him to take such dangerous steps.


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Trauma can also force an individual to harm himself. Psychological trauma is a damage of psych that can lead to distressing events. In this situation, a person can go in the state of severe depression and can harm his body.

Alcohol or drugs

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If a person is going through a bad relation experience then this can lead to alcohol and drug addiction. Depressed and stressed person can find alcohol and drugs as a best alternative to deal with their personal problems.

Ways to deal with self-mutilation

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Self-mutilation is a dangerous thing as it can harm an individual badly and can even pose a risk to life. In this situation, a person is not able to correctly differentiate between right and wrong. Stress, depression and emotional imbalance are the major reasons behind self-mutilation. Healthy life style including yoga, exercise, and regular visits to a psychologist can help an individual to deal with such problems. A person with emotional blockage is advised to make friends and avoid alcohol consumption.


Self-mutilation is a dangerous condition in which a person intentionally harms himself and this can lead to suicide. This often happen during depression, stress, and emotional imbalance. A healthy life style and proper medical treatment can help an individual to deal with this problem.

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