Reasons why people feel pain down there

Reasons why people feel pain down there

People face many problems and experience different sensations in their private areas. They may feel wet, pain, and itchy. Most of us do not even want to talk about these problems because they feel embarrassing to bring up such topics with family and friends. It is essential to talk about this to your doctor as he can advise you to deal with this problem.

We have a list of some reasons, which can cause pain down there:

Psychological problems

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Psychological problems like stress, depression, and tension can cause pain down there. This problem can arise in both men and women. Problems like trauma, stress, and depression are three major causes of chronic pelvic pain and dysfunction. Trigger points present in the body can affect the soft and delicate muscles of the pelvic and cause serious problem and pain.



Many women experience lower abdominal pain during ovulation. The duration and severity of the pain varies from one woman to the next. It can ranges from few minutes to two – three days. In case if the ovulation pain lasts longer then it is better to see a doctor.


Vaginal Odor

Muscle atrophy can be one the major reason of pelvic pain as the muscle of that area is very delicate and soft. It is called as vaginal atrophy, which can arise during menopause. Hormonal imbalance can lead to vaginal atrophy and can cause pain.


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Almost every woman experience pelvic pain during pregnancy and it is very common during pregnancy. Hormonal changes and stretching of ligaments often lead to pelvic and vaginal pain. If it last longer, it is better to consult a doctor.


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Fungal and bacterial infection in and around the vaginal region can led to severe vaginal and pelvic pain. Bacteria usually cause infection in the urinary track and it can also spread to other organs of the body including kidneys, urethra, and bladder. This can also cause pain.

Inadequate lubrication


Some women experience pain during intercourse and inadequate lubricant can be a primary cause for this. In this situation, foreplay can play an important role and can protect women from pain during an intercourse.

Ovarian cysts

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Ovarian cysts are a severe problem and it needs proper medical care. Pelvic pain can be the major symptom of this problem. Ultrasonography and pelvic examination can diagnose the problem.


Muscles of vagina and pelvic area are delicate. Problems like ovarian cysts, infections, ovulation, and atrophy can lead to severe pain. It is vital to see a doctor if patient experience intolerable pain.

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