Simple home recipes for dealing with postpartum edema

Swelling of fingers, hands, ankles, feet, and legs is common in women during pregnancy, but sometimes swelling extends up to one week after pregnancy, a condition known as the postpartum edema. Several reasons can be responsible for this condition, including the effect of IV fluids, body and hormonal changes during delivery, and the discomforting delivery process.

If the postpartum edema continues for more than four weeks, one must go see a doctor, but there is no immediate cause of worry if the symptoms last only a week. One can take the following easy yet extremely effective measures to ease the postpartum swelling:

Soak your feet

Soak your feet

Soaking your feet in water with some added oils gives tremendous relief to the discomfort caused by after-pregnancy swelling. Just put some cypress oil, lavender oil, and chamomile oil in water and soak your feet. Cypress oil enhances blood circulation, and chamomile and lavender oil take away great deal of discomfort.

Gentle massage

masseur makes anticellulite massage young woman isolated on whit

Not hard or rash massage, but a gentle massage helps ease the discomfort. You can ask your partner to give you a nice, light and a slow massage on your legs and feet in an upward direction.

Intake of fluids


The postpartum edema is basically owing to extra water retention in body, and if you keep drinking as much water as you can, it will force extra fluids to flush out from your body, thus easing swelling.

Take rest and maintain proper posture

good posture

Take as much rest as you can, and ensure that you keep your body is in good posture. Do not cross your legs, do not keep your feet hanging, and try to sit for some time, if not on a chair, then a bed would also be appropriate.

Cabbage leaves

Pregnant woman in cabbage

This is one wondrous formula wherein you place some cold cabbage leaves on the swollen areas. Wrap leaves with something and tie them to the swollen area until the time they turn wet. This formula works well and eases the discomfort really soon.

Ice packs

Cool gel pack on a swollen heel elbow.

Postpartum swelling causes discomfort that is usually a burning sensation. For a temporary relief, you can apply ice packs over swollen area and ease the discomfort until it finally goes away.

Postpartum swelling and discomfort usually goes away within a week after delivery but in some cases, it extends for four weeks or more. In such condition, you must seek professional medical help.

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