Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolates

Surprising Health Benefits of Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? From kids and teens to adults and elderly individuals, everyone loves to have a bite of chocolate from time to time. The feeling of bliss one gets as and when the chocolate melts inside the mouth is beyond incomparable. Sadly, not many individuals are of the opinion that one can continue to eat chocolate on a regular basis. The more health conscious individuals have in fact, sidelined chocolate to a treat that can be had only on very rare occasions.

 Benefits of Chocolates

Well, not any more though. Chocolate lovers around the world have plenty to rejoice. For in contrast to the popular notion that chocolates are bad for health, studies claim that chocolate (also called at the food of the gods for good reason) can actually benefit your health in more ways than one. Let us see how.

Chocolate does not increase the bad cholesterol levels (LDL) in the body like other saturated fats. In addition to this, it is loaded with antioxidants similar to those found in red wine. These antioxidants help repair the immune system and strengthen it. They also help treat and prevent conditions like heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Some of the other main benefits of antioxidants include reducing visible signs of aging as well as slowing down the aging process.

In sharp contrast to the misconception that chocolate contains unhealthy amounts of caffeine, it has been noted that a bar of chocolate contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Chocolate is also a very rich source of magnesium and phosphorous. While phosphorous helps aid teeth and bone formation along with keeping the bones healthy and strong for many years, magnesium aids in muscle formation and proper nerve function. These minerals also help boost the strength of the immune system to a great extent.

 chocolate contains ingredients that can trigger the release of endorphins

If that is not enough reason to start munching on a chocolate bar already, check this out. Studies have revealed that chocolate contains ingredients that can trigger the release of endorphins or ‘feel good hormones’ in the brain. So if you have been feeling a bit down lately, munch on a chocolate candy bar to uplift your mood instantly.

If you are finding a reason to stop you from digging into those delectable chocolate bars, then you are fooling none but yourself. While too much of chocolate would be bad for your health, a little bit of it now and then would never hurt anyone, especially you. So throw out all those ‘no chocolate’ banners and advice out the window, and settle down with one of your favorite chocolate bars, thinking about all these benefits as you munch away to glory.


Many believe that chocolates are bad for health. However, chocolates can be good for the body. The contain antioxidants and other minerals that aid the body in different ways. They do not increase the LDL levels in the body. In addition, they help trigger the release of feel good hormones in the brain.

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