Dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder the natural way

Dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder the natural way

Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder or OCD is defined as the disorder of brain and behavior which causes extreme anxiety in the people suffering from the disease. As a result, the sufferer performs compulsive behavior and feel and unending urge to perform tasks, rituals or repetitive habits even when there is no need to do such tasks.Read this article to know more about the disease and ways to deal with the same.

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Treating OCD through Meditation

One of the best self help ways to treat OCD is with the help of meditation. Since meditation is very closely and often associated with anxiety, meditation allows you to relieve stress and calm down. As you continue practicing meditation, you will soon realize that you are completely relaxed and your thoughts have been transformed from being focused on just one thing thus eliminating the extreme urge to perform a particular activity.

The best thing about this is that you can meditate anytime anywhere as and when you find some time to sit back and close your eyes in order to relax yourself.


Confrontation with your anxiety:

It is always advisable that you determine the root cause of the anxiety caused in you and then go on finding solutions for the same. Remember every anxiety has a potential trigger all you need to do is to identify the cause of your obsessive thoughts an things that force you to behave compulsive. Try exposing yourself to the cause of the anxiety and then try to control your urge to react to such situation. As you go on controlling yourself, you will eventually find a gradual change in your behavior learning how to stop your impulses.

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Change your perception of the thought

If you find that even after constant efforts you are not successful in keeping the obsessive and compulsive thoughts away from your mind, you still can have a better control on your mind by making yourself realize that these are mere thoughts that can be looked at with a very different perception. These intrusive thoughts are then easier to be thrown off from the mind as you can command your mind not to think of them.

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Healthy Food for Treating OCD

A proper diet is also one of the effective ways to fight back OCD. You should include abundant complex carbohydrates such as those in whole grains, vegetables and fruits. These stabilize blood sugar and release serotonin, which is calming neurotransmitter.


All the above-mentioned self care tips are very useful since they target the root causes of obsessive and compulsive behavior.

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