The butt lift aftermath: what to expect


Thanks, Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and anyone else who gets that booty selfie one million likes on Instagram… Thanks to these voluptuous babes, the humble butt is now one of the most sought after body parts – but what if your butt is lacking the necessary oomph that it needs to fill out your body-con dress? Luckily for you, there’s something that’s pretty new in the surgical world that can help: The Brazilian Butt Lift! This butt surgery trend is sweeping the nation, so read on if you’re interested to know more.

What on earth is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Also known as butt augmentation or reshaping, the butt lift can improve the look of your entire butt and also your back. The whole procedure is done by performing some routine liposuction on your body and then transferring the fat into the buttocks. This creates a rounder and perkier area in the buttocks. This procedure not only will reshape your butt, but it’ll also revamp your back area and hips in order to give you a far more aesthetically pleasing silhouette and overall contour. Most people prefer the idea of getting fat transferral instead of gluteal implants as it gives you a far more natural result. This surgery is a great way to improve the shape of your buttocks and to achieve a better overall proportion in the body.

How it is done?

The area around your butt is first contoured by liposuction which is going to make your butt stand out more. In addition to this, the fat that is going to be grafted into your butt must be harvested in such a way that preserves the fat cells and makes them transferable. The most common areas that are harvested from include the lower back, the stomach, the waist and the thighs. The fat that is suctioned out is processed and purified before being reinjected in the buttocks.

How long does the procedure take and what is involved?

The bull lift is usually performed under a general anaesthetic with patients able to head home the same day. The whole procedure usually takes around 90 minutes or so.

Who is a good candidate for this?

If you’re in good health but still have a couple of healthy fat spots on your body, you’re going to be a great candidate for this procedure! The excess fat is needed in order to get those nice round buttocks you’re after. Patients who are very thin aren’t really great candidates for this procedure and may even be told to gain a bit of weight prior to this procedure.

How much of the fat will stick around?

This varies from case to case but you can expect to keep around 70 per cent of the fat transferral. After around six months or so, the fat that remains can be expected to be permanent

big butts

What’s the recovery like?

Most people will take around a week off work to recover, and some people might like to cushion their seat with a pillow for a week or two after surgery.

When can I sit down again?

You’re going to be wearing a compression garment from the waist to the knees for the first week, and you might be more comfortable sleeping on your side or stomach. With sitting, you might need a special cushion or soft item placed under the thighs or butt.

I hope that this short guide on the Brazilian Butt Lift has helped you and that you’re more aware about the pros and cons, the recovery time and the overall appeal of this surgical procedure. Good luck with your research!


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