The causes and treatment for eye twitching

Eye twitching and eyelid spasms are common and often some people relate them to some good or bad omens. However, there is nothing good or bad one should relate to it, except for the fact that they are annoying.

They come and go and at times, they annoy you for weeks and even months. You need to find the underlying cause. This article intends to enlighten you all regarding everything you need to know about eye twitching.

What causes eye twitching?

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Doctors use the term Myokymia for this condition. The following can be the reasons that cause eye twitching:

ü  Alcohol

ü  Tiredness

ü  Dry Eyes

ü  Stress

ü  Caffeine

ü  Nutritional Imbalances

ü  Allergies

ü  Eye Strain

ü  Over exertion

ü  Medication Side Effects

ü  Lack of Sleep

When does eye twitching becomes an emergency?


Eye twitching is usually a normal phenomenon that comes and goes on its own. However, rarely as it may happen, it becomes a situation requiring immediate medical treatment. For instance, the chronic eyelid spasms those are impossible for a person to bear. They are a consequence of a serious brain or nervous system disorder.

Apart from this, if your eye turns red, there is swelling and unusual discharge from your twitching eye or your upper lid is drooping, you must at once go and see a doctor. You feel the twitching is so bad that every time it makes your eyelid completely close and you feel it is affecting other parts of your face as well. If it has been long and the condition is just not going away, you must understand that your eye twitching condition is an emergency. Folks at MedtourExperts can help you get it diagnosed and treated by the best eye doctors in India.

Eyelid twitching treatment

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Most of the times, you do not need anything about it, as it goes away on its own. However, if they do not, you must try to decrease and eliminate its potential causes mentioned above. For instance, you can try not to exhaust yourself much, sleep well, avoid caffeine and alcohol, keep eye surface and membranes lubricated and apply warm compress when your eyes twitch.

These treatments and precautions come handy when eye-twitching problem is not that severe. When it is chronic, Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections are given to the person, so that severe spasms subside. Sometimes they also cannot treat it, so a surgery that removes some nerves and muscles of the eyelids are recommended.

Regular and uncontrollable blinking or spasm in the eyelid, usually the upper lid is known as eye twitching. This condition comes and goes on its own, except for when it is a condition of chronic eye twitching.

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