The science behind the muscle – A Guide on how to train arms for growth

science behind the muscle

The whole purpose of body weight training is to help strengthen the muscles. People use differently sized weights to help build their body. This is depending on their strength and ability to carry extra weight. For the arms as well there are certain exercises that you can do. Whether you want to build your Bicep or the Triceps, you have to be very careful to make sure that you do it right. Even though there is a fitness regime that you can follow, there are also certain scientific tips that you can use if you want to build your arms. Let us look at the tips pertaining to the science behind the muscle growth.

Need to have the basic understanding behind the physiology

muscle mass

The first and foremost factor of the science behind the muscle growth is the basic physiology. In this rule, two thirds of the Triceps is what makes the arms. In order to build your arms, you have to first ensure that you target the muscle mass. In this case, the majority factor is the back of the arm. No doubt, you cannot ignore the front side, but focusing on the back portion will give you better results.

Do not drop your weight. Lower it

There is a difference between dropping your weight and lowering it.  This means that when you are working out on your Bicep or any other part of your arm, you have to make sure that you focused on lengthening it more than then shortening it.  You can enhance the maximal power and strength of your muscles through this way. It also helps to increase the muscle fibers AKA sarcomeres and muscle mass as well.

Prepare yourself in every way

how to train arms for growth

No doubt when it comes to working on the arms, it is not easy. You are bound to hear all the grunting and groaning, especially when you are working out. It may be hard, but it does give you the much needed results. Work towards spiking up the testosterones and other hormones while training on heavy weights. This will make a big difference and this is also a part of the science behind the musclegrowth.

Eat foods that will help you out

The next factor that you need to consider in the science behind the musclegrowth of your arm muscles is the food intake. As much as it is good to burn and sweat in the gym, you need to ensure that you nourish your body as well. Eat foods that will help strengthen your muscles and at the same time also provide the necessary nutrition for your body. This will help you to get all the strength that you need.

Focus on gaining muscle strength

Focus on gaining muscle strength

The strength of your arms depends on the strength of the muscles. By religiously working out your BicepandTriceps, you can achieve muscle strength in the right way. To get effective results, make sure that you do your exercises in a correct way. This will help you to maximize your workout and strength training.

3 Effective exercises to help you get proper arm muscles

While you are working on your arm muscles, there are a few exercises that you can do these exercises are based on the science behind the musclegrowth. Read on to find out more to find out some of the most effective exercises to help you get proper arm muscles:

Forearm Plank


In the recent times, we have seen many variants of the plank. This exercise not only helps to tone your whole body, it also helps to improve your muscle strength. When you hold the plank position, make sure that you focus on your breathing. For the start, it is advisable to hold the plank for 20 seconds and gradually increase the time.

Chair Dips

In order to build the Triceps, the chair dip exercise is effective. This exercise also helps to strengthen the shoulder blades and the deltoids. While doing this exercise, make sure that your elbows touch a proper 90 degree. Doing this exercise in a set of 8 reps per set will be beneficial.

Dumbbell curl

Dumbbell curl

One of the oldest and effective exercise, the dumbbell curl helps to work out the biceps. For beginners, it is advisable to start with small weights and then gradually increase the weight. If you are doing dumbbell curl to tone loose skin, then make sure that the weight of the dumbbell is not too much. Also pay attention to the way you do the curl. Do this exercise for a count of 8 and then switch sides.

A final note on science behind the muscle growth

When it comes to a good fitness regime, it does not consist only the type of exercises that you do. Instead, it is also about targeting the right areas. While training for your arms, targeting the major muscle at the back proves to be more helpful. It also helps you get the necessary results that you are looking out for.

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