Home remedies cannot absolutely cure scabies, but it can prevent any second chances of having them, and help reduce symptoms that cause it. A good hygiene is the most important thing to prevent scabies. Cutting your nails, regularly washing your clothes with hot water and avoiding sharing them with anyone else can keep the disease at bay. Nails if grown, can hold eggs of scabies. Hence, they should be trimmed regularly. Accessories such as brush and combs or hair clips should also be washed with hot water, since they can often contain dust and parasites that can be harmful. The house furniture should be cleaned and dusted regularly.


Scabies treatment needs to be followed without skipping a single session of medicine. However, avoid using it for a long time as it can cause side effects such as allergies or burning sensation.

Itching can be stopped using antihistamine drugs such as Atarax, Zyrtec, Phenrgan and Benedryl. Doctors suggest a lotion called Elimite which is safe for children too. It should be applied all over the body before sleeping and washed off while having bath. This treatment should be followed regularly. Pregnant women should use the lotion permethrin.


This is a transmittable disease. So if any family member has this, care should be taken no one else uses clothes or other accessories that the patient uses. Scabies patient should avoid contact with others and avoid going in public places. Other family members should also check themselves regularly to avoid aggravation of the disease.

Intense itching can cause skin to infect and cause inflammations, hence antibiotic are suggested. Proper consultation with the doctor is a must, as it cannot be cured completely with home remedies. Symptoms for this disease includes, itching in the night, red marks over the fingers, wrist, elbows and waist.

It is a completely curable disease, and not a reason for extreme worry. Just a proper medication from the doctor can help you fight the problem. If the itching is serious enough to spill out blood, then you surely need doctor’s advice.


Scabies is curable if taken care of immediately. Proper consultation and right medication can help you get rid of the problem.

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