Things you should avoid doing before workouts


Workout lovers are always in a search of a good pre-exercise food; however, they always tend to ignore what not to eat before workouts. As a matter of fact, many experts are emphasizing that certain things you should avoid before doing workouts! Although, exercise cannot be associated with many do’s and don’ts; however, it is important for you to note that certain essential components must be taken care of, in order to extract maximum work out benefits.



Experts have suggested that active work out muscles require a better flow of oxygenated blood throughout the session; as a result of which, the flow of blood towards the stomach is reduced during exercise. In this regard, it has further been suggested that if people wish to reduce tummy trouble during exercise at bay; they should always avoid working out their stomach too much.

As a solution to the above-mentioned problems, some athletes with iron stomach always tend to incorporate certain pre-exercise habits, such as eating the right food at the right time and always tend to take a power nap before work out for the maximum conservation of energy.

Having said that we are here with the cheat sheet, containing a lot of information about the things you should avoid doing before work out.

5 Things you should avoid doing before workouts

1.    Eat light close to workout time


As discussed earlier, working out on the heavy stomach is never advisable as it may lead to a lot of issues like cramps, discomfort, pain in the muscles of the stomach etc. This will not only affect your efficiency for the day but may also limit your activity for multiple days in the future. Thus, eating at least two hours prior to your workout session should always be your priority for an active workout session.

2.    Don’t be on an empty stomach

Don’t be on an empty stomach

It is important for your workout muscles to get a continuous supply of oxygenated blood and enough energy for maximum efficiency. Scientists have suggested that a carbohydrate booster is necessary to kickstart your body after a long faster break; in order to allow the fat to take over and be burnt in the process of fueling. Thus, being on an empty stomach before a workout is one of the most important things you should avoid doing before a workout.

Consumption of a fruit, especially a banana along with a handful of nuts or any complex carbohydrate almost 30 minutes prior to your workout session can be a better choice.

3.    Get enough sleep


Overstressing yourself with complete lack of sleep or sleeping less than required may increase your body fatigue, responsible for reducing the energy output index to a great extent. This will, in turn, affect your workout session making it less effective due to insufficient energy influx.

Thus, next time when you plan to initiate your workout session, please remind yourself to get an adequate sleep before for maximum energy index.

4.    Manage with your cardio session


Expert bodybuilders have always suggested to plan your workout session and work as per agenda. Accordingly, if your agenda for the day is to incorporate weight lifting, then you should always avoid cardio training to conserve energy.

As a matter of fact, weight lifting demands high energy from the body, while high-intensity cardio workout may deplete your energy index so much so that you won’t be able to sustain for weightlifting at all.

Thus, cardio workouts can be another important thing you should avoid doing before a workout; in order to warm up the muscles and prepare them for weightlifting.

5.    Avoid Taking painkillers and alcohol


Painkillers, as well as alcohol, can directly impact your nervous system, further acting as the muscle relaxants, help in dehydrating the body and further reduce body’s reflexes.

It is always better to stop the workout session for the day if you require to consume a medication or cannot avoid drinking alcohol for any reason, in order to avoid accidental injury due to blurry reflexes.

What food can be avoided before a workout?

Certain food should always be avoided before a workout session, as noted herewith; in order to get maximum benefit, such as:



Beans are the most important source of fiber and hence can act as a pre-workout fiber bomb, which can affect your workout session to the great extent. Experts have reported it to be one of the major culprits for stomach upset, due to its indigestible carbon content.

Dairy products

Yogurt or fruit creams

Many of you might be intolerant or sensitive to certain types of food, and dairy products can be one of them. Accordingly, athletes who have lactose intolerance should avoid eating dairy products like milk, cheese etc. as it could again lead to indigestion and intestinal muscle cramping, further halting your workout session.

Thus, it is important to understand the science behind your workout for faster and effective fat burning as well as bodybuilding. In case if you feel super hungry and have 1-2 hours before your session starts, you can try other healthier options, such as:

  • Oatmeal with fresh berries
  • Whole grain bread and turkey sandwich
  • Banana
  • Yogurt or fruit creams.

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