Treat colitis and crohns at home

Colitis and crohns can be cured using home remedies. Self-healing these IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) could be something to try. Following are some remedies for IBD:



Many food products aggravate IBD problem. Hence, one should have a fixed diet that reduces the problem. Foods that increase the risk of IBD are the ones that contain high calories like fat and sugar, whereas the ones that reduce the risk are fruits and vegetables.

Herbal remedies

These are ancient methods to cure IBDs. Herbs from plants used in supplements, tea, recipes, etc. can be taken to cure many inflammations. Some of these remedies include cat’s claw, ginkgo, wild indigo and many others. Care should be taken that you consult an herbalist.



It is an ancient medicinal method from China. It is a process where needles that are hair thin in size are inserted in the body at certain points and help the disease cure. It is mostly used to treat symptoms that cause pains such as constipation.


This process increases relaxation and improves immunity. It also decreases the stress levels and reduces anxiety levels. This method uses a combination of body and mind, where in the subconscious mind takes control of the problem. This method can be understood in detail from a psychiatrist.



This technique uses ancient principles to treat the body. It does not have any side effects. Moreover, it understands the person’s physical and emotional level before giving the medications. The homeopath provides the medication.


Naturopathy changes the way you live your life. It not only treats the illness but help you take precautions for any further such symptoms. All the above methods can be considered a part of naturopathy.


Probiotics use good bacteria to improve the IBD. These bacteria called as lactobacillus is introduced in the stomach that keeps a check on the bad bacteria population thus decreasing stomachaches.


Reduce Stress

Stress aggravates the problems of IBD. Hence keeping your stress levels in control are an important aspect of reducing the problem of IBD. Exercises, meditation, massages and Yoga can help reduce stress.

Reduce bad habits

Alcoholics and smokers are more prone to symptoms and aggravation of IBD. Hence keeping a check on smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption is necessary. Reduce these bad habits to keep the IBD symptoms in control.


Allopathic medications are not always the solution for IBD problem. They can be got rid of by using herbal homemade remedies which are quick and give permanent solutions.

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