Self diagnosis is more often harmful than not

Many these days are indulging into self analysis and self diagnosis of their health problems. This tendency is increasing merely because of the information easily available on the internet. No doubt, internet does provide a pool of information, however, one cannot rely completely on it for the solution of their problems especially those concerning the health. Following are the reasons why you should not treat the internet as your physician:


Similar symptoms for multiple illnesses

Many times, the internet mentions similar symptoms for different diseases. This can be misleading, as many such problems can be verified by doing blood tests, urine tests or stool tests. These can be suggested by the doctor. For example, there are various types of anemia, however, which one you are suffering from can be best judged after the results of a blood test. Hence, understanding the symptoms is not the only step to find the disease.


Aggravating the worries 

Reading the symptoms of a certain serious disease and considering it your own symptoms can cause unnecessary thoughts to come in your mind. You may end up thinking you are suffering by a non-curable or serious health issue, when in reality you could be far away from that problem. Many avoid consulting the doctor in such fears, which can be of serious threat. Hence, the best way to understand your problem and find a solution to it is by consulting the doctor immediately. If still you are an internet buff, you can very well discuss whatever you have read across with the doctor.


End up taking wrong medication

Many a times, the internet also provides medication to the problem. You may end up getting these medications, and solve your problem too. Many a times, our health problems can be got rid of temporarily. However, after some days they return. Hence, consulting a doctor for permanent solution is necessary. Moreover, many medicines are heavy doses, capable of causing serious side effects. Consulting the doctor minimizes risks associated with medicine.


Out-dated information 

Information on the internet need not be updated regularly. A lot of information on the internet is many years old. Medicines for many health problems change regularly. Fast moving research and technology can give permanent solutions to the health problems which if not updated on the internet can be misleading.


Understanding your problem and medicating it can be safe only if suggested by a doctor. One can read the problem in detail but should not implement any medications or diagnoses without any guidance.

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