Treat your sore itchy throat with these DIY homemade cough syrups

Sore throat calls for a cough syrup that can relieve you of that uncomfortable and annoying feeling down in your throat. Either you will go to a chemist to seek a cough syrup bottle or you will start searching your medicine box for the bottle you had bought the last time.

Well, this time you experience a sore throat, bring a change in yourself and rather than seeking a cough syrup bottle full of chemicals, go for a homemade DIY cough syrup. Here are some of the DIY cough syrups you can easily make on your own at home:

Honey, onion and garlic syrup

Happy girl drinking cough syrup

Take half cup of honey and half cup of water and add one chopped onion, sage, thyme, and some oregano and let this mixture steep overnight at room temperature. All the ingredients used have superb anti-microbial properties. Next morning, strain and keep the liquid portion as a cough syrup and store it in the refrigerator. In case, you do not want to keep the mixture overnight, you can simmer it for some time and then strain.

Honey, olive oil, lemon juice syrup


You have an option to choose from half cup sliced onion or grated ginger, or some chopped garlic, put it in a container and cover it with ¾ cup of honey. Keep it as it is overnight so that the ingredients properly infuse. Now add olive oil and lemon juice to the mixture, mix and then strain. Store it in refrigerator if you want this natural cough syrup to serve you for long.

Horseradish syrup


Horseradish works wonders to promote perspiration, which is very helpful especially when you have fever. If you mix horseradish with honey, it becomes capable of fighting sore and itchy throat, colds, and flu as well. It also improves digestion but too much of its intake is directly related to lose stomach. To make a cough syrup with this wondrous ingredient, you need to grate a horseradish and put it into a quarter cup of honey. Let honey and horseradish infuse into each other well for 8 hours, strain, and you can use it as a cough syrup.

Homemade cough syrups are definitely affordable than the chemical ones you get on the market but they are more effective as well. People complain of the unpleasant tastes without realizing its health benefit that is any day superior than a chemical cough syrup.

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