These home remedies work wonders to cure vertigo

Vertigo, a feeling as if everything is spinning around you when you are standing still or lying in your bed eyes closed. This feeling of dizziness one feels is owing to some trouble in the vestibular labyrinth region in one’s ear.

Other symptoms that accompany dizziness are nausea, pain in the ear, blurred vision and weak limbs. If it is not too severe, you can try out some natural home remedies, which have successfully eliminated vertigo and its annoying symptom from some people’s life.

Coriander Seeds

Dried Coriander

This is one superb home remedy to cure vertigo naturally. Soak coriander seeds in water overnight, you can add some gooseberry powder also if you want. Strain the water next morning, add some sugar to it, and drink.



Be it any form you take it in, lemon is one sure shot remedy of vertigo. Make a lemon drink, add pinch of salt and black pepper, and lemon drops to lukewarm water and drink. You can also add lemon peel to salad and have it every other day.

Almonds and Watermelon Seeds

Handful of almonds

These seeds together make a wondrous vertigo home remedy. Soak 8 almond and 8 watermelon seeds, one tablespoon of poppy seeds, and two wheat grain tablespoons in water overnight. Next morning, make a paste of the soaked ingredients, and then add some butter and two cloves in the pan and fry it with the paste in it. Mix the paste in milk and drink, continue this procedure for a week and you will definitely experience great relief in vertigo.


Vishnu Mudra in hatha yoga Alternate Nostril Breathing

Yoga is believed to be the best exercise of all when it comes to cure vertigo. It helps calm you down and through meditation and concentration; you can regain the lost balance well and easy.

Water and juices


Dehydration is one of the causes responsible for vertigo in human beings, so keeping your body well hydrated is certainly the best way to escape the disturbing effects of vertigo on your body. Drink sufficient water every day, and ensure sufficient intake of fresh juices as well.


Strawberry in mouth

This is one yummy and extremely effective home remedy for the ones suffering from vertigo. Grab some fresh strawberries, mash them and mix in fresh yogurt. It gives a quick relief from the head spinning.

Other than trouble in the posterior semi- circular canals of the inner ear, dehydration, lack of sleep, head injury, alcohol, tobacco, diabetes, and anemia are some other reasons that cause vertigo. One should try some home remedies to cure vertigo in a side effect free way.

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